"Ditch the wheat"!

Hey friends is anyone following “Ditch the wheat” concept?? If so please pour in your valuable experiences and recipes!! Thank you. .

I eat almost no wheat anymore. Dr. William Davis came out with a book recently called "Wheat Belly" which points the finger at wheat in a pretty alarming way. He has a website TrackyourPlaque where you can read a lot about the topic. As a cardiologist, he is less focused on diabetes.

I use a lot of almond and flax flours as replacements for wheat. But in a lot of cases I just don't eat many of the bread and baked products like I use to.

Since I have been eating low carb, which in my case means no bread, I have found that the dermatitis have had for 40 years has vanished. I am sure it is a problem I have with wheat, so I am delighted to have beaten this curse have lived with for so long.

I was having some odd stomach issues several years ago. I was negative for celiac's (via a blood test) and the only thing I was positive for was a moderate wheat allergy. I thought this was odd, as I had been eating wheat products to some degree for years, albeit in moderation. Anyway, I cut back my wheat consumption and almost immediately felt better (and my BGs were better too). I also just started being more conscious of my carb intake and really aimed to stay under 120 grams per day. I do eat small amounts of wheat in things, but nowhere near the quantity that I used to and I definitely feel better.

I eat Paleo. No wheat(corn counts!), dairy, legumes.
Since December, I've lost 35 lbs. and resolved all of my stomach issues. A bonus was crazy tight control (for me) and an A1c below 7 for the first time in a LONG time. If you google for "Paleo recipies" you will be able to find a ton of stuff with no flour. Coconut flour and almond flour are good replacements if you must have things like bread or muffins, but they are very expensive compared to the real thing. I basically eat meat and veggies at every meal.

Good luck!