I have been experiencing a strange symptom the last couple of months, I tend to get really dizzy about an hour after Apidra, almost like fading. I check the levels (in case is a low) but they are usually in control. I have pretty decent numbers most of the time.

I realized that I hadn´t really accepted it and was in a grieving period, I don´t know if it is more a psychological thing, cause my numbers are not so bad, but I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety (always wandering what my numbers are all the time).

Sometimes I feel like I´m gonna pass put, everything spins.

I don´t know, anybody has been through something similar ?



All the time.

I think my body rebels against anything but a normal bloodsugar. I think with tighter control, your body tells you it wants to be in the normal range all the time.

Anything but normal bloodsugars makes me feel like crapola, hence I feel like crapola most of the day as my body fluctuates in and out of the normal range.

Type 1 for 43 years and all my body keeps telling me is if you aren’t going to keep me running in normal range you are going to feel like $#i+!!

Oooo and the anxiety, yep that makes it even worse.

I totally agree with Karen. I was experiencing dizziness about two weeks ago and this was quite puzzling to me because the feeling was a bit different than I had experienced before. But I always try and keep my blood sugars in pretty tight range and these times I was a tad dizzy, I had been a bit “mismanaged”. I also know what you mean about the psychological thing and anxiety. I feel like blood sugar anxiety affects many areas of my life. I’ve found it helps me to talk about it with family or there’s a “diabetes social worker” at the hospital. But definitely, I know what you mean by anxiety!

I never really feel “good” anymore. Oh, I have my days where it’s not so bad, and I have moments where my body is great and the nausea and dizziness aren’t there enough to notice, but any time my numbers are slightly off, not even necessarily bad or dangerous (like maybe 5 or so out of “normal”) my body decides to give me the dizzy factor. I think it’s stress related in my situation. My job is stressful, I work nights, and my life in general is kind of not so hot at the moment. My doc keeps telling me that if I can reduce my stress it will help. In the mean time, I check my sugars all the time, and try to just ignore it when I know that I’m ok and my body is just over-reacting.

I have been getting these dizzy spells for a few months now, I just went to my D clinic appt yesterday. The CDNE figures it is due to my blood pressure dropping rapidly, however when she checked it sitting and standing and it did not fluctuate. So still no real rhyme or reason for them to be happening, I usually get multiple dizzy swings throughout the day/nite. I have noticed that it does not matter what my bloodsugar is sitting at, right in check or off by a bit. I also found that each time this happens I also get the feeling that my vision goes dark and blurry, my hearing goes quiet or muffled, and it feels as if there is an electic charge flowing through my body. Anyone else feel like this when you get a dizzy spell? I would like to hopefully figure this out as I find it to be quite bothersome.

I, too, have been getting dizzy lately (the last 2-3 months). It’s really starting to become a problem.

I don’t use Apidra (I use Novolog), so I don’t think it’s that.

I’m starting to wonder just what was in that Swine Flu vaccine?!?

Oh my goodness!! I am a large and incharge TYPE 2 but I had to respond to this. I have been feeling dizzy or woozy for the past couple of weeks! After taking a bunch of the usual diabetic meds. including byetta, my ENDO started me on levemir. I don’t ever remember having these dizzy spells before the insulin.

I was at the LA FITNESS EXPO this weekend and I took the redline subway to the convention center. While on the train I was fine but as soon as I got up and walked off the train the dizziness hit. I had to grab the railing to keep my self standing. Then it went away. I have experienced this at work too.

Does anybody have any cures or possible reasons why this is occuring???

Nope, and it’s driving me crazy. I’m sitting here at my desk, completely dizzy. It has increased in frequency, and now it’s happening every single day. I’m going to make an appointment with my doctor.

At first I thought it might be tied to blood pressure (especially because I’m hypertensive), but I took my BP while it was happening, and it was fine.

The only thing that I can logically tie it to is my flu vaccination (it started a few weeks after I got both).

i have been experiencing dizziness as well, but my doc thinks it is allergy/sinus problem. you might consider this

Ummm… I’ve been getting dizzy spells for the past few weeks too. Using Levemir and Humalog. My BG has been all over the place, but when I’m getting my dizzy spells, I check and I’m completely under control. Might be rising or falling that is making me dizzy.

Sorry I dont have any advice for you Santiago. I used Apidra for about 3 months, but went back to Humalog because it worked the same for me and I had extra vials of Humalog in the refirgerator. I basically just let my Apidra prescription lapse.

Does anyone else find it incredibly odd that we’re all having these dizzy spells?

Hey guys,

Have many of you had flu shots? Shannon may have found a connection. Feeling dizzy is horrible!

haha. Yes. I thought it was just me. I blamed it on the weather pressure changing, but I honestly have lived in the NorthEast USA my entire life and don’t remember ever experiencing this kind of dizziness. I fell over a few days ago. And I was so dizzy that I was writing things at work, but I didn’t remember writing them down. And then I was thinking something like: “I’m going to write blue” but when I looked down, I had written: “Pink”. You know? It was the weirdest thing

I thought it was just me, too. It’s getting worse.

I have been noticing these " episodes " have been happening alot more often and more times throughout the day and evening hours. I can’t blame mine on the flu shots as I have never had one nor did I get the H1N1 shot. I was using humalog and lantus when on MDI, but have been using novorapid in my pump since April with out any issues. My dizzy spells don’t last long only for about 15-35 seconds, but I feel confused for about a minute or so afterwards. I just want answers as to what is causing these dizzy spells but so far nothing that makes any sense like blood pressure.

It’s starting to make me wonder!!!

I was diagnosed 16 months ago, but they started about 6 months ago … it´s kind of weird that some of us are experiencing it, yet there is no much info about it …

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. I’m hoping to get a quick and easy diagnosis, but I’m not optimistic.

My “episodes” are lasting for hours at a time, and they’re more and more frequent. I was trying to figure out what the feeling reminds me of, and the best I can come up with is “Head Rush.” But, it happens when I’m standing, sitting, etc.

I’m so over it.

Hope you get an answer & a solution.

Thanks, Gerri. Me too :wink: