Confusion, foggy headed or just not feeling quite right symptoms

Hey everybody:) just throwing this one out there. Does anyone get confused, really foggy headed or just feel off with out being low. Lately I have gotten these symtoms and the first thing I do is check my BG but I have never been low, typically I’m around 200 while feeling “off”. I always know who and where I am but just can’t focus and process information very well, sometimes forget what I’m doing. It sometimes gets to the point of calling my girlfriend and having her pick me up from work. I ran it by my endo and he didn’t have an answer for me. Tomorrow I am seeing a primary care Dr about it. Any info would help thanks

to me a 200 reading is quite high and I would expect to feel ‘off’, with most of the symptoms you describe. I feel best when between 90 and 150.

I will notice this too, but my sugars have to go well above 350-400 and stay there for a while. (Thank goodness, only happens once or twice a year if that!) At the “lower” range of a high sugar, I do not notice a difference. Do you average a much lower sugar? Maybe for you, being 200 is like me being close to 400.

I get a little confused, froggy, and nervous when my sugar is too high and low. I get it more when low than high. On average when my numbers are around 200 I do not feel a difference however every now and then I get like that. Does it go away when your levels are closer to the normal range?

I’ve been up higher than 500 at one time, but usually when I feel that way, I’m in a low spiral. Hypoglycemia. Then I go for the half can of cola drink, or the tablets, and that brings me out. (A few chunks of dark chocolate works well, too.) But generally, I feel fairly clear-headed. This may be due to another condition. By the way, do you take Insulin? You may not be getting enough…

I wonder if you have a bit of depression or anxiety! These symptoms sound just like what I have, whatever my sugar levels. It seems to be worse for me during the winter. I also can be talking about something and suddenly an inappropriate word will come out from nowhere. I was talking about books and how to organise them at a voluntary job one day - “and then we need to put them in “washing machine” order …” Eh? Where did that come from? I had not been thinking about washing machines!!

Also do you snore? Or does your girlfriend notice that you stop breathing during the night - for up to 30 seconds? That could be something called sleep apnoea which means that you “forget” to breathe when you are sleeping which can cause confusion and the foggy feeling that you describe. You would need to be tested for this, several times, attached to a small machine and using a face mask, and an oxymeter. It will record what your oxygen levels are like during the night and how many times you stop breathing.

Are you on any other medication apart from the ones you take for diabetes?

I do not really understand the American way of measuring blood sugar levels, but 200 does seem quite high? It might be a reaction to being so high. You might need to adjust your insulin levels, or go on insulin if you are not already.

Good luck with the doctor tomorrow.

God bless and keep us posted!

Yup! I always know when my bg is high because I get what I call “brain fog” had it for a few years before diagnosis. I usually cannot concentrate very well and I feel like I can’t “snap out of it” and feel very spacey, It used to be very frustrating to me I tried everything to fix it even ADHD medication which I took as a child and stopped taking as an adult but that didn’t help very much and I did not have an answer as to what caused it but now I know…high blood sugar. So whenever I start feeling like this I usually go for a jog or hop on my stationary bike and exercise to lower my bg and “clear my head”. Another thing, I also have anxiety disorder which will also make you feel this way.

My BG is usually between 100-200

The other day I felt this way and my BG wad 170. I don’t think I have felt foggy when there 80-120

Yeah I have a pump

Well I have spoke to my endo before about a depressed like state but it only last at most a day and I will feel better once I get plenty of rest sooo…

Hi Adam. Another possibility is one or more food allergies. Celiac Disease is common with Diabetes, which I have. I get the symptoms you describe with wheat, soy, corn–and high or low BGs.

I feel very out of it when my BG is over 200. Just cant concentrate or process information. And like you I’m always sure I’m low but am usually high when this happens.

Then maybe it is your body telling you that your levels are a little high. I also know that if my body is use having high BG and it starts to lower or regulate then I sorta go through a withdrawl or an adjustment period. I feel nausea and nervous. My BG could be 90 or 80 and it feels like I am 50.

Have you changed anything lately? (eating habits, exercising, drinking less water- dehydration is also a big no no for me)

Went to the Dr and she really didn’t know right off hand but ordered more blood work to check a few things so I will know if something is out of wack in about a week

I get similar feelings, like I"m low even though I’m not when my blood sugar is changing rapidly. A fast drop from 200 makes me feel like I"m at 60 even though I know i"m not. Have you tried stalking your numbers for an hour or two while you’re feeling that way and see if you’re just changing rapidly?

I have a Dexcom so I see what my bg is doing and it wasn’t changing

Ah yes, Statins. Very good point! And any other medications.

I sometimes feel “low” if I drop suddenly from a high blood sugar to something closer to normal. I was told that any time your blood sugar drops significantly (i.e., more than 50 points in a short period of time) you can get that low feeling even though you’re not low. Is it possible that when you check and you’re 200, you were even higher before that?