Xtreme vertigo

Maybe a month or two ago I woke uo dizzy, stumbled into the bathroom. That whole day I was dizzy. The next two days were better, but I noticed it mostly when I layed down. Went to the Dr.'s and she said I had Vertigo. Gave me some exercises to do. Friday night took my shower, bent down to put a towel around my head, and the room started spinning so badly I fell. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself. Had to sit there a few minutes. Vomitted. Got out checked my sugars and was low tried drinking juice, couldn’t keep it down. All together I drank at least 26 oz. of juice, ate 3 tablets and ate 3 crackers…all of it came up because of the vertigo. Finally suspended my pump, went to bed at 65, and woke up at 151. I initially thought the lows and the vertigo may have been connected, but that day I ran a little high, and still felt the vertigo, just not as bad. Is this something thats going to continue? I’m calling my Dr. to find out exactly when my last occured, then I’ll call my ENT to find out more I guess. My lows have never caused me to be that dizzy…maybe a little off balance. Any one else ever had something like this happen to them?

It could be either Menieres Disease or Labrynthitis both inner ear diseases. Not connected to diabetes at all. Drink plenty, and see your dr. again and ask about whether it is these two problems.

I have a friend that suddenly had vertigo as well, although she does not have diabetes. She has been suffering with this for a few months now, not sure what causes it. What she did tell me is that a glass of wine seems to help. I will let you know what comes of it, and if it ever goes away.

I wonder if your blood pressure is low? Or if you have an inner ear infection. The former has occurred to me and the fact that you are getting up or bending suggests that you have a postural hypotension.

You do need to pace yourself when getting up or bending down and coming back up again. It happens to me. Getting up I have to roll over, get my legs over the side of the bed and push myself up to a sitting position, stop and wait for a minute or so, and then stand up slowly.

I have had severe vertigo as the result of an ear infection. You should see an ENT as soon as possible – you might need a course of antibiotics or some other treatment.

Mine did go away and I haven’t had it for years and years, so there’s hope.