Do I have Celiac

The Gluten Free Goddess (Katrina) has multiple allergies, and gives recipes w/o gluten, dairy and eggs. The Gluten Free Girl and Chef has gluten free recipes with lots of background (she lives on Friday Harbor, WA) and has many good links.

For mixes, try Pamela. She has two good products in particular: her bread mix and Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix. Also check out Bob’s Red Mill. They are both good on the glycemic scale since they use almond flour (Pamela) and garbanzo flour (Bob). Too many of the others are all sugar and fat. The Gluten Free Pantry was one of the early ones and still has some good stuff.

Yep, the breads look pretty awful. The crackers and breadsticks do have some rice flour though the carbs aren’t any higher than regular crackers. I did fine with the breadsticks but like I said, zero taste. I used to bake bread. I stopped baking other things when I cut out sugar and decided not to bother with sugar substitutes. I had a sourdough starter that lasted about 3 years once and baked weekly or used it to make waffles.Since I’ve been counting carbs I haven’t bothered. I do buy artisan bread and cut it in 4ths and one fourth lasts all week. I’m going to try sticking with my other breakfast option which is refried black beans. I’ll let you know about the crackers after I try them for lunch today but I think I’m going to be moving over to your side of the fence of not bothering with the gluten free alternatives; I’m just too picky for them! I do like cheese crackers and fruit for lunch and breadsticks (good ones!) with pureed soups though…sigh.

Thanks, Trudy, I’m not big on mixes. If I go this way I’d probably develop my own recipes. But in general I think if I really do find I have a gluten intolerance I’d probably just eliminate those foods or have an occasional “real thing”. That’s kind of worked for me with other things I’ve given up. When I stopped eating sugar I didn’t have any interest in sugar substitutes but just got away from eating sweets. As a vegetarian I’m not big on all the types of “fake meat” though I do eat vegie burgers when I need a quick meal. Not to toot my own horn but I’m a gourmet cook and a foodie and I enjoy the creativity of making really good food while eating for my health. Like when I started looking at carbs I realized I ate way too much pasta and rice as a vegetarian and now have a whole new repetoire of meals that don’t include either. Thank goodness I have time to experiment!

I would like to look at the recipes you mention though. Is there a website for the woman you mention in your first paragraphy - Katrina?

Yes, both of those I mentioned are websites; I just haven’t mastered the art of making links. Karina Allrich’s website is I just made the pumpkin muffins now on her home page, but haven’t tasted them yet. I tend to use half/half Splenda with real sugar, cutting down on the total amount. Buying all the flours necessary for gluten free baking does commit you to keep on baking… My husband is the chef for all the other cooking, and he is also a gourmet cook, lucky for me.

Great, I’ll check it out. Probably if I found out I was really gluten intolerant I’d want to bake my own bread because the stuff out there is pretty awful.

Nice to have a husband chef! I’ve never been that lucky, most of my boyfriends liked my cooking a lot better but were willing to treat for dinner as they “share”. That’s ok too…lol. I also really admire spouses that are willing to cater to their partner’s diabetic or otherwise specific food needs. I’m not willing to cook things for other people that I don’t eat myself (such as meat or sugar products). Maybe that’s why I’m single…lol

I just tried the gluten free crackers and they were a little better than the breadsticks, edible anyway.

Well I’ve cut way down on my wheat/gluten, though not completely eliminated it. Thursday I had my first day free of my GERD (or whatever it is!) symptoms in a month and a half. Yesterday I had some symptoms but pretty brief and so far today none. My gut instinct (no puns intended) is telling me I have some version of a sensitivity/allergy to wheat or gluten, but not the full version of Celiac. I got the book “Celiac Disease” today at my library branch (I had to order it) and I’ll start reading it to see if that confirms my guess. You know how you start reading about/hearing about something and it just FITS or it doesn’t. I was definitely that way when I first started reading about LADA. We’ll see. Meanwhile I’m just as happy with frijoles with my eggs instead of bread (better for blood sugar too and I can use more protein!) and the gluten free crackers are edible with my cheese/crackers/fruit lunch. Those are my main uses of wheat/gluten. Thanks for all your input.

Hi. It’s good to hear that you’re getting some relief from GERD and finding some answers. My husband complains once in a while about having to cook gluten free, but I think in the end we’re eating far healthier than would otherwise have been the case. At least that’s what I keep saying!

Thanks, Trudy. If your husband misses gluten, maybe he can eat it when you go out? I had a boyfriend who was a recovering alcoholic and we didn’t keep alcohol in the house but he was fine with it if I had a glass of wine with dinner when we went out. After 16 years without sugar I don’t mind at all if it’s present in other people’s houses when I’m there. But I’ve gotten to the point where when I have a guest for coffee I buy some sugar to offer them and then it stays in the fridge and I forget about it. But I’m definitely not willing to make sweets or cook meat as I’m a vegetarian. It’s one of the advantages of living alone that I’m the Queen of the Kitchen!

My husband and I have worked things out over time. With sandwiches, he uses bread, and I use lettuce or call it a salad. When I do gluten free baking, he gladly eats it; actually, we both eat a lot of ice cream. (Gotta watch those ice cream labels, though–I like Edy’s coffee, pumpkin and French vanilla.) An additional problem for him in cooking for me is that I also can’t eat corn (cornstarch is in everything!), soy or tree nuts. Watching labels for cooking is a pain. For instance, we have to look for special soy sauce w/o wheat, use rice flour or arrowroot for thickening, and just be really careful. As long as I take probiotics, lactose is no problem. Considering, he’s really very good natured about the whole thing, so I’m very lucky to have my built in gourmet chef.

Let us know how you liked the book and if it is useful to you. I’m really glad you’re getting a handle on the acid reflux thing; it was awful until I found ways to handle if for myself.

i too am trying to dx myself, since drs dont seem to know much , and wonder if i am ciliac. the fact that cousins[ my generation] in my family have it and all of my health issues. such as. diabetes 11, fibro myalgia, reflux, alopecia, migrains, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea,abnormal movement disorder.all seem to be linked to ciliac. I had the blood test and it was neg. but i am told that 10% of those who actually turn out to be ciliac had neg. testing. I am sooo sick of drs telling me it is all in my head, i had an invite to a ciliac support group this next week and i plan on going
i also went to a website diagnose i ans all 1000 questions and all of the recommendations say ciliac, and other vitamin defitionsys…

thanks for responding sally, i am starting this very am, .we will see.

went to my first support group. unfortunately thry only meet every other month
it was very educational.
just being GF for 4 days , i forgot to look on a package or missed an ingredient and got sooooooo sick.
stomach, head, bowels, the works. if i had any doughts before i dont now. there was no explanation for it other than glutten.
back on now for one week and got constipation. even when i eat things with corn or corn meal, wich before would go the other way, i dont understandgetting family on board is like pulling teeth. hubby usually cooks so he is trying just meat chicken, veggies fruit. but he gets testy when i tell him. no spices if we dont know whats in them .