Do I have to use another insulin with Lantus if I am on low Carb

It was great that I found this wonderful place on the net and that much of lovely people, actually I have a big concern about my diabetes which I do not find any physiciancan help me in my case, I was diagnosed 5 years ago with Type 2 and for about 4 years I was using glucophag and sometimes Amaryl 2ml and I was up and down since then, but all of the sudden; my BG starts to rise and all oral medication did not work, then another doctor put me on Lantus and gradually increased till I reach 29 units taken one time night time.
that also did not work, untill I read about Atkins and Dr. bernestien, jenny and I read and read and started low carb diet (I used to wake up on high BG even If I take the lantus the night before - after I started my low carb I started to get much better and I found out that I am very very sensitive to carb to the limit that if I eat 2 pcs of bread my BG could be 250 or more after 2 hours.
but really I could not stick to it (the low carb), I tried hardly but I always cheat every three days.
Now I started again after loosing the benifits I got before in BG improvement but I started on about 80 grams a day and I get good BG results so far (means I may eat 3 spoons of rice a day extra) but teh main question is because of Lantus I can not lose weight at all even if I am at Low carb, I checked with endo but all tyro. checks came Ok then I read that insulin stops weight loss, i sthat true in my case even if I follow low carb? is teh 80 grams /day is ok for low carb diet or no? do I need to use a fast acting insulin before meals, my weight is 98KG while height is 181cm.
I am so sorry for writing that much but I am very confused and every time I move from one doctor to other I find no one give me the right answer or explanation; they all give very old information, please I need your advise, whoever can ?
Also I divided my lantus to two shots one at 7am and the other atr 7 pm as I read this is better for body to utilise the insulin, is that right or no? thanks for everyone

I take Levemir, which is a long acting insulin simular to Lantus. But I also need fast acting (Bolus) for when I eat for that I use Novolog. I have not expierenced any weight gain with the Levemir and I am able to eat a little more freely by adjusting my Novolog to what I’m eating.

Dear Rivkah, thanks for the sincere answer.
I happened to read some of (grams of carbs /meal) but the openions there are fluctuating between people from 30gm/day to 120gm/day or so, for me I bought Dr. Atkins book and I find it very hard to reach this 30gm/day, also I was reading here this morning one of the blogs which refer us to drfuhrman website and I read an article there about the danger of strict following of very low carb diet and the danger of stop eating fruits and how that could cause different types of cancer.
Althought the best results I coulsd get for Bg are the ones I measured while I restrict carbohydrate to about 60 gm/day or so but reading such openions trigger the fear of the long term consequences of the very low carb diet.what do you think and where I can find a copy from your book…


The more Lantus a person is taking, the longer it lasts. At the dose you are taking, I believe it may last 24 hours. For those who take much smaller doses (10 u, for example) it fades before 24 hours are over.

Levemir has the reputation of being much better for avoiding weight gain. That was my experience with it, compared to Lantus, and I have heard the same from others.

Almost all people with diabetes are very carb sensitive, which is why so many of us hammer away at the message, “It’s all about the carbs!”

Without fast acting insulin I cannot handle more than about 45 g a day. It was 60 grams 5 years ago, but no longer.

How many grams you can handle will be a very individual thing, though. That is why we have to test our blood sugar to find out what we can eat. I know men who can eat 100 g a day, and others who can’t eat more than 30 g without using fast acting. Different bodies, different capacities.

Fast acting insulin doesn’t have to put weight on you. I actually lost some weight the first year I started using insulin. i gained some weight last year, but it was entirely due to eating a great deal of junk during the holidays. Ironically, fast acting insulin made it possible to get great blood sugars eating many foods I had not eaten for years, so I ate them. But even people without diabetes will gain weight if they eat far more calories than they need!

The trick really is to watch hunger level. If insulin is making you hungry, it is a sign that it isn’t matching your food properly, either in terms of dose or timing. When insulin is done properly, you don’t feel hunger and you can choose foods based on what you have decided you should be eating.

Also, are you still on Glucophage? The combination of glucophage and insulin is the very best for NOT gaining weight. It lowers the amount of insulin you need to use and I suspect it also may stop the liver from converting some glucose into fat.

Thanks for the valuable information, you have been always a great help for diabetic persons all over the world.
Anyway; that means, if i am not mistaken, that if I put my self in let’s say 40 grams carb /day with lantus and Glucophage and still can get good numbers og BG; in this case I think I do not need to use fast acting, am I correct?

I usually have a half cup of blueberries either fresh or frozen at a time. Occasioanlly i have a half cup of blackberries (frozen) or raspberries or maybe once in a while a half cup of frozen cherries. How do you feel about these? Is that a safe idea? The cherries raise my blood sugar only a little. Last week i had two slices of plain baked sweet potato. It was about one half inces by about 2 and a half inches. That raised me only a little also. Do you think the vitamins and nutrients in those are good enough to raise my reading just a little or should I not chance it? The sweet potato may be repeated one time before the end of the year, but no more than that. The fruit is joined by a couple of slices of fresh mango about two time a week.
Sorry to tag along here, but you and Jenny are good question people.

Dear Sandra, thanks for your advise and actually we do not have much of the blueberries and black berries in our area here in UAE even though we have cherries anyway; I will try to do like you do but what about the green apples and watermelon are they Ok.

So you mean to stay at 30 Gm/day of grains only and I am free to get whatever from the greens, ok thanks.
Now with 12 units lantus in the morning and 12 units lantus in the night and with restricted Carb I am about 90 to 120 during the day and 130 or so after meals but always in teh morning I am always 130 to 150.
I read about teh sogomy and dawn effect but I do not know what to do about teh high morning BG. should I increase night shot to 14 and keep teh morning shot to 10, is that will help?
Also what do you think about Dates (the good quality ones) I heared it is very beneficial and are you agree with Dr. bernestien about restricting milk and eating chesse?