Do I really have to do a 24-hour urine test?

I get the microalbumin test with a urine sample every three months. The new endo wants a 24-hour urine collection. I haven’t done this for a long time. Do you guys do it, and how often? I’m not having any kidney problems. It’s such a pain because you have to go get the special collection bottle, put all the urine in there, and keep it in a cooler while you’re doing the collection. Any tips?

without knowing all of your test results for the last couple of years, i can’t really give you an answer. there must be a reason your doctor is requesting this. as a person with CKD, i do this every 3 months.

I do one annually and have done so for the last five years. I know it is a PITA, but look at it this way, if you pass you can be pretty sure you are not sneaking up on kidney stuff.

Rick Phillips

Twice in my 35 years I’ve had my albumin/creatinine ratio go above normal and had to do the collection. In both cases, the microalbumin spillage lasted a few months and then went away. Go figure. And no, I don’t have any tips to make the collection easier.
Maybe the new doc is just being extra thorough. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.
I remember when I took the filled jug to the lab I marched in a slammed it on the counter and all the techs backed away like they didh’t want to touch it.

I did my first one after 10 years with Type 1. Then again when I had kidney stones in 2004. Then again in 2008 when I went for preconception counseling. I think it’s good to have it done periodically. Just as a precaution. I don’t know any stats on the incidence of problems. Maybe it’s more important than we give it credit for.

Hi Marie,
Yes these are important. I too, get these four plus times a year depending on where things stand on reports. My best advice is to get something comfortable to pee into If you cannot get one of those little plastic hats for this test, then an old plastic bedpan to place on top of the lid is a good idea. Use whatever is comfortable, that you can pickup and pour from. With any luck this will be the only one you have to do for at least a year.
This is a good precautionary measure. Outside of a PITA it is just the collection that is the trouble.


Just when were you diagnosed? The year Christ was born?!! ha ha! I’ve had it 20-25 years and didn’t know about that scenario. I DID know that, once upon an ancient time, they tested the urine.

Well, I actually had to do the 24 hr. urine test for something. I know it started with a “C” but I don’t think it was creatinine. I think it was cellulose. Does that sound right? Because I didn’t get up at a regularly set time, they couldn’t do it by blood test. They COULD have if I got up regularly. ??? Came back pretty normal so I couldn’t blame anything on anything!

:slight_smile: Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI

I think the last time I had one done was when I was spilling protein in a urine sample. It’s a pain, do it on a sunday and drop it off on monday on the way to work. They may have seen a marginal increase in one test that they want to check further. Check it, the quicker you know if something is going wrong (and I hope they aren’t) the better you’ll be.

On mine, I spilled proteins about 10 yrs ago when I had an A1c of over 9. Haven’t had a problem since.

Like I say, do it on a sunday, drop if off on monday. Ice in the cooler, keep cooler in bathroom for convenience if possible with a bag of ice

Since that test tho, I haven’t had one


I had one recently & glad I did only to find out that everything was ok. No one told me to refigerate it, so I hope the results weren’t off! Damn, I’d better check about this. Anybody know?

Yea, it’s a pain, esp. for women.

I did what Scott suggested–filled it up on Sunday & dropped it off on Monday.

Sure yours will be fine. Let us know the results.

Good suggession Mary to start Sunday morning,it is important any way.For children we do early morning urine for microalbumin creatinine ratio,sample sent on ice,if abnormal,we do 2 tests different time,if 2 abnormal we do 24 hour collection.
Best wishes Mary


Do you know how it effects results if the urine isn’t refigerated? Can’t believe no one told me to do this. Thanks.

With my endo (in Hungary) that is a standard part of my annual exams. I didn’t have to keep it in a cooler though. Just a large pickle jar (too much information?). It wasn’t the most pleasant experience of my life… but when I read about it, I thought it wasn’t bad to have it done. In the USA my endo never even mentioned this.

thanks, guys. I guess I realize now it’s not the PITA aspect that’s making me reluctant, it’s that I’m afraid of any bad news that may come. I feel like 2008 was a year when I had to make some tough adjustments. I’ll do it; it’s better to know…

Thank of it this way, Marie. It’s a way to make your peeing experience portable for a day. Nothing like standing over a jug in whatever room of the house you like! LOL

Oh dang it Marie. Sometimes I think that fear is a greater enemy than the db. I hate tests - there’s the anticipationi of the test, then the test itself and then waiting for results. And on and on it goes. Until the next time…

Bet your results will be fine!

That was FUNNY Melissa. I hope you get a smile out of this somehow Marie.

You can also think of it as an environmentally responsible act. Hey, no water for flushing!

I had the 24 hour urine test once in my 42 years of diabetes and I had slightly elevated microalbumin, which totally freaked me out but was a tool to increasing my ace inhibitor dosage, and now my endo wants one every year. Of course I refused and she insisted, fear factor I am sure. Well…I did not do the 24 hour urine for two years and she would not do a normal urinalysis until this last endo visit when she said you win, normal urinalysis no 24.

Just got my results and all in normal range on the urine front, what a relief, but I think the original 24 hour was key for adjusting my meds and for perhaps fixing my microalbumin level as well, but who knows for sure. The biggest thing for me was giving up my precious Sunday to stay home and pee in a jug, just should of waited until this winter I guess as the 20 below has kept in quite a few Sundays. Like Scott said pee all Sunday and drop off Monday a.m. before work.

Not sure if I will do the 24 hour next time as I like the results of the normal urinalysis better. :slight_smile:

Ooooo and my blood glucose was 200, as I spike with any MD crapola, ahhhh!!! :slight_smile:

I have been doing the 24-hour urine collection once yearly for as long as I can remember (for at least the past 21 years.) My endo. just asked me to do another one (I just did one in August.) I think it’s because I’ve had Type I for 37 years now. As for tips, I wish I had any. It’s a royal nuisance. However, we don’t want to end up on dialysis. Let’s keep those kidneys in as good shape as possible!