Ladies has anyone ever had a high microalbumin test due to her menstrual cycle?

Hi everyone I am new here and joined hopeing I might find some insight before I meet with the nephrologist on Wednesday. I recently switched endos due to lack of communication and negativity of my last doctor. After meeting with new doctor last Tuesday they called and told me to make an appointment with a nephrologist because my microalbumin test came back so high (1400 is the ratio). After freaking out at first I went online to do some research and found that the test should not be done when a woman is menstrating. I told the lab technician at the time I could not get a clean sample and she assured me it would not make a difference on the test. I called back the doctors assistant and told her what I found on the internet she said she would contact the doctor and get back with me. She called me back and told me that the doctor said it would only have a minimal affect and that my last microalbumin test was a 900 with my previous doctor. The next day I recieved copies of the lab results from both doctors and relized I was on my period on the last test. ( I clearly remember the dates because my husband and I have been trying to concieve and this was the cycle I had a dye test done on my tubes to see if they were open) I am hoping that the test are false due to my menstral cycle but in the mean time I go from laughing to crying and scared to death of my kidneys failing I have already had to deal with diabetic retinopathy and hope this is just a fluke and would love to hear from anyone with any input. On a side note my sister who is also Type 1 works for a research doctor out in Colorado and he clearly stated this is why we don't do the test when a woman is menstruating as one drop of blood can significantly alter the test.

These tests are highly sensitive. Increased physical activity just before the test like walking to the endo for example will alter / increase the result. Therefore I would recommend to do the test again - in the middle of your cycle. I would also suggest to collect urine for 24 hours in a can (you will get that from your endo). The microalbumin in this 24 hour sample has much higher informative value.

Thank you Holger. i go to the nephrologist tomorrow and I know he will do a more detailed test in the mean time I am skipping my zumba classes and trying to avoid using any medicatipns i know can also affect the test such as aleve and advil and my inhaler.

+1 for a 24 hour urine test if you are really concerned. The spot urine microalbumin/creatinine ratio test is pretty informative in and of itself but it is sensitive to test conditions, like Holger says.

A 24 hour urinalysis used to be the gold standard but it is a real PITA. You have to collect every drop of every sample over a 24 hour period and be sure to store the sample properly over the course of collection.

Went through all of this myself so I feel for you.

Hang in there!!!

I've had to do the 24-hour urine collection four or five times for my adrenal issues. While it is kind of inconvenient, it's not really that bad -- I just rented some movies, read a good book, did some projects around the house and stayed home or in the yard for the 24 hours.

If you're working full-time outside of the home, Sunday is a good day to test -- you can drop off the sample container at the lab or clinic Monday morning on your way to work. That way there are no awkward questions about the big bag in the work fridge with the mysterious, giant plastic bottle inside -- or why you keep carrying it into the work bathroom and then bringing it back to the fridge!!!

They'll probably give a list of food do's and don'ts -- I followed mine to the letter because let's face it, we want this kind of test to be as absolutely accurate as possible!