Protein in urine, should I be worried?

I've been checking for protein with these pee sticks probably monthly for the past year and have always gotten "trace" results. The other day I did a check and got an >30 result. I got really worried and so I started checking more frequently, but the next time I checked I got "trace" again. I've been checking maybe once a day since and it's been "trace" every time.

Then, just now I took one of the tests and the whole strip turned dark blue, which is a >100 result. Should I be worried? I have had some pretty high a1cs last year but lately I've been very good and keeping my sugars down. Is there any other reason the strip could be reading positive? Or should I prepare to see my endo about this?

If you're seeing an endo regularly, you should be getting your urine checked for protein as part of your routine lab work. I can't speak to results from urine sticks but I would definitely suggest you talk to your endo about getting checked regardless of what's happening with your home urine tests.

A 24 hour urine test is much better than the dipsticks. They can become contaminated and also can be misleading if you have an infection or other potential issues like a yeast infection. Have you had these done over the years? How have all your kidney function tests (24 hour full urinalysis and accompanying blood work) been?

I agree, I would do both the regular urine test and the 24 hr test. I do the regular one at every other visit I think, or each visit and I did the 24 hr test last year. I didn't know there were strips we could get to test for protein and glucose.

My GP( General Practitioner ) writes my usual and sometimes not usual lab orders ...( I live in Canada )

Yes, I get my labs done every other visit, I believe, so twice a year.. The last time they were done was in May, and there was no sign that anything was different then.

I haven't ever had a 24 hr test done, only the regular ones twice a year. So far they have come back with no problems, occasionally trace protein, but nothing large.

If you are urinating protein that is not a good sign sometimses that can mean that your kidneys are leaking protein and that is early signs of early kidney failure if you manage to get your blood glucose more in control then your kidneys can have time to heal. Honestly an endocrinologist and some lab work can further figure out why your urinatng protein.

I have have had protein in my urine for a couple years now. I am checked every 3 months. After going through some very scary labs and exams with the urologist, nephrologist, hemotologist and my endo. So far they have not found anything serious as yet. I may be in the very early beginning stages of Kidney Disease? They keep vigil though.

So, my advice to you would be, if you are having urine tests twice a year by your endo, at your next visit ask what the correct levels are. If there was anything seriously wrong previoulsy in any of your labs I would think you would have been given a 24 hour test.

I don't know if you can get access to your lab results, but that would definitely help. Others mentioned the 24 urine test, which is pretty much the gold standard if done correctly, but those are rarely done these days and once a year at the most.

The test MDs will usually do these days is a spot urine exam (one time in a cup) measuring the microalbumin/creatinine ratio. They can be problematic and give false positives under any number of conditions, but if that test comes back normal, you can feel pretty good about the condition of your kidneys.

WOW! I feel really uninformed. Since the days of checking my blood glucose with Tes Tape (you peed on it and it turned various colors of green to indicate if you were 1+, 2+, 3+ or the dreaded 4+,) no MD has ever done a urine test of any type for D. I check for Ketones with a dip stick....

OK, now super uninformed: what does the protein indicate?

Spock - amazed that in 50 years with T1D, you never had your urine tested for protein ! Glad you mentioned in another post that you're switching to a new Endo.

In 1980's they relied on the 24 hour urine collection, and I used to do that every year or so. But the dipstick from a single urine sample is thought to be just as reliable now. Mine has been positive a few times, but my Endo says that's normal, and looks for repetition before getting worried. In all my cases, a subsequent test for me has come back normal.

Since you've been maintaining great BG/A1C control, you're probably ok. And it will likely be tested by your new Endo.

Protein in the urine indicates possible kidney damage. Normally, the kidney should NOT let protein 'escape' into the urine. But exercise, and high blood pressure can also cause a high result. Many diabetics are prescribed ace-inhibitors, which helps keep blood pressure in check, and thought to have a protective effect on kidneys. (I take altace/ramipril.)