Do nightime lows wake you up?

it seems confusing to me, because whenever i am awake and go low, i start to do everything more and more slowly, until i am sweating and shaking and a complete mess. i can hardly sit upright.

but when i am sleeping, totally off in dream world, i will wake up with a start and then all the symtoms of the low starts to hit me. luckely, i am awake enough to pour myself some OJ. i have a (almost) fool-proof system: i dont want to wake up the hubby while i am testing, but i will definately wake him up if i am down low at 35, for example. generally i will wake up if my BS are anything lower than 70.

does this happen to anyone else? maybe i'm just weird. (LOL)

I wake up as soon as I get down to the 30's and it feels like I'm on speed! I'm ravenous and I can drink a gallon of OJ...cookies , cakes, candy whatever is around.. and I will. I end up eating for a good 15 minutes until I feel good again. If I am awake I start to feel the same way but I don't get the feeling until I am that low. Of course in the morning I wake up to a nice 250 reading.

My Dex wakes me often for lows and I doubt that I would have woken up without it. When I’m low I am often in an endless dream. When I was learning computer programming back in the 70’s, I remember the term “do loop”. That was a programming mistake where things just kept going around in the same loop of instructions and never getting anywhere. That’s what my low dreams always do and I’m always glad to get woken up.

I don’t get the sweats or strong symptoms anymore so I really appreciate my Dex. In the daytime I can detect mild symptoms of a low, but at night I just sleep through them. Maybe I’d wake up in the 30’s or 40’s, but for the most part the Dex wakes me before I get that low. Unfortunately it sometimes wakes me when I’m not really low, but with current technology, that’s the price of the protection I am receiving.

I only wake up when my blood sugar is below 2.5 (45). I almost never wake up spontaneously for levels higher than that. The only way I catch a more mild low is if I have an alarm set or wake up to pee or because it's morning.

This sounds similar to what happens to me. I wake up with a start and jump out of bed. My bedroom is off the kitchen so i don’t have far to go. I will grab the closest thing available, usually cookies. I go right back to bed and usually fall instantly back to sleep. Sometimes I will wake up high in the morning but not always. Luckily, this only happens to me once every few months.