Dreams & Low Blood Sugar - Link?

Let’s see - it’s about 6:00 am and I have been up since about 5:30. Not a big deal - it’s Sunday and I have to be in church in a few hours. But, something hit me as I stood in front of my fridge 30 minutes ago, sucking the life out of a Capri Sun juice box.

I had a nightmare and it woke me up. I laid in bed for about 5 minutes, calming myself down and felt slightly low. I tested and my bs was 37!

After I was “normal” again, I realized that about 1/2 of the time I’m awakened by a dream, my bs is low. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this or am I the only one? I’m going to Google dreams and low blood sugar and see what I come up with - but I always love to hear from my Tu Diabetes folks first. :slight_smile:

I dream a lot (or rather, I remember a lot of them), but for me it doesn’t necessarily imply a low. When there is a low, the dream tends to be especially weird, or like yours, a nightmare. But I’ve also woken up from a low without having been dreaming at all. Just last night was one of “those” nights, where I have dream after dream and don’t really rest much. But I went to bed with my sugar around 170 (don’t remember exactly), and just now (I just woke up) I was 112.

For me, when i dream in color its a sign im crashing. but generally i toss and turn so much (i even throw pillows, kick, and rip sheets off my bed!) that im always on the lower end in the morning

That always happens to me as well!
I usually can’t remember much about the dream afterward, but it’s always enough that it startles me awake.

For me, nightmare equals hypo, no two ways about it.

That’ so weird Ross - that seems to be what happens to me too. I am really going to look into this - I just thought it was crazy how I seemed to be low during my bad dreams, and I really don’t toss and turn, so I can’t blame it on activity.

Wow Rainbow - maybe you were a spy in some other life. lol

The lows generally happen when I’m having a nightmare and I would say trying to escape military dictatorship qualifies. :slight_smile:

I have vivid dreams every night and wake up at least a couple of times. Blood sugar’s usually fine. HOWEVER, I have noticed that sometimes in dreams I start searching for sugary foods. Like, I’ll be in a store looking at chocolate cake mix and wanting it badly, or I’ll try hunting down a place I can get donuts or something. Usually not food I would actually eat for a low (too much fat, you know), but when I wake up… tada… I’ll be under 50! Somehow I must know I’m low. When I was first diagnosed I used to notice that I’d have weird intense dreams of being someone else entirely, as if I was a character in a movie. I’d be a male FBI agent or something. Really odd. Whenever I had a dream like that I’d wake up super low (like 25 … ah, the “good” old days on Lantus).

AHA! Are you all type1’s?
I’m type2 and it seems when I have the nightmares… my numbers skyrocket.
I wonder if it is the same with other type2’s?
This is an interesting thought.