Do you agree with this analysis?

Quickly: I went out for dinner last night (Chinese) took my normal amount for the 70 carbs that usually works well. Was 181 2 hours later and corrected carefully, as I would go to sleep soon. At 2am I was 254, corrected at the normal ratio. Sensor (did not do a meter glucose)showed 118 at 7 am (I slept in) and I tested at 188 at 9 am. Changed out my pump and corrected with the new insulin. One hour later, I am 214 and continue to rise quickly.

I don't think this is caused by dinner. I think the insulin was going wonko and the overnight basal was ineffective. (My basal testing has been really good lately) That would cause the rise this morning? Say it was working like at half strength, my corrections were only half effective, as were the basla doses.

And,as many of you have pointed out to me, I am totally OCD about high glucose levels. I have been doing a much better job at not over correcting, as that has gotten me into low trouble. But over 200 still gets to me big time, so I am exercising bigtime controlof my temptation to overcorrect at the moment.....

Do you think I am on the right track here? Thanks!

I suspect that it was the Chinese food. There's a lot of hidden carbs there, e.g. cornstarch, which is like 30G/ tsp or something like that. If they dump a scoop in to thicken the sauce, it's like a side of fries? 70 seems like a good number but if General Tso's guerrillas sneak up on you, it's hard to say. Sometimes though it may be a combo of short insulin + wonko insulin, etc.?

I agree. Going out to eat is always a crap shoot, especially with something like Chinese food. As you said, you never know what they dump in the food on a whim.

I have had Chinese food on a handful of occasions, and for me it always seems to continue to affect my blood sugar long after I'm done, overnight and into the next morning sometimes. It's ridiculous and, for that reason, I hardly ever eat Chinese food. (I did, however, have sushi yesterday which made my blood sugar high for about five hours ...)

I love Chinese, but I have to take insulin boluses afterwards middle of the night, next a.m. at 7, at 9:30 and I don't get through with it until into the afternoon. And I'm a big-time corrector. And this is figuring half the meal with 1/4 c rice, not a whole plate.

Love Chinese food, but Hate the effect it has on my blood sugar. It's absolutely impossible, IMHO, to bolus correctly for Chinese food.


The only way to enjoy Chinese food without trial and tribulation is to make it yourself! That way you know exactly what goes in it. Also, if you go to more upscale Chinese restaurants you will find less damage to your BG as they rely more on fresh ingredients and less on added sugar, cornstarch, etc.

In addition to what the others mentioned about cornstarch & sugar as frequently used ingredients, there's also a lot of fat in Chinese food. It's usually soybean oil--cheap & unhealthy. Fat slows down digestion, of course, so the highs are stubborn as some carbs are digested more quickly than others. Some hit sooner & some later.

Don't know if you did this or not, but corrections by injection tend to work better in case there's an absorption issue at the pump site.

Just went into my kitchen. The nutrition label on my Clabber Girl cornstarch says 8 carbs per tablespoon. I actually make some oriental foods at home and generally it takes a teaspoon or two, dissolved on cold water to thicken. Somewtimes a couple of teaspoons are sprinkled on meat to tenderize.

As far as Oriental food goes, my reaction to it varies, depending on the chef. Usually when I find a good one, I stick with that. This was a new location.

Update. It was a problem with the insulin/infusion set. After the change and corrections, and leftover Chinese for lunch (I have a real scientist gene in me sometimes,) I am now 91. Good empirical evidence that the original supposition was correct.

I still think it matters WHERE you get Oriental food, and how, like Zoe said, it is made.

Glad you got it resolved. Chinese food is always a difficult thing to dose for. As much as I love it, I kinda just leave it alone anymore. P.F. Chang is probably the easiest placee I have found to bolus for.

PF Changs offers things like the lettuce wrap, which is my normal choice. They are on my list of places that work for me, but it is a long drive to get to one!

Glad you worked out your BG issues Spock.

My thoughts about Chinese food is that it really depends on what you order or prepare, what restuarant you are going to if you are eating out, and like you say, maybe who's preparing the food that day. Saying that there are issues with "Chinese" food is like saying that there are issues with "American" food or even "insulin dosing". We always have homework to do.

Made me laugh, as you are so right. Perspective is important, so thanks, FHS.