Do you celebrate your diabetic anniversary? (poll results)

We just closed the poll: Do you celebrate your diabetic anniversary?

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Here are the results: more than half of the respondents do not celebrate their diabetic anniversary.

Do these results surprise you?

They don’t surprise me. I’d be interested to see how the results break down by age, type of diabetes, and/or years since diagnosis I know a lot of type 1’s celebrate, but don’t think I’ve ever heard of a type 2 celebrating. For me, I figure I’ve gone so many years with it (30 this October!) that I deserve to celebrate. I hope I get at least 30 more celebrations out of this too :slight_smile:

I reflect more than celebrate. I’m not sure I’m happy that I have diabetes, but I sure am happy it was discovered before DKA killed me!

I am not even sure of the exact date of my diagnose. I know I was in third grade, was in the hospital for almost two weeks, got tons of cards from my dad’s work place, and tons of get well wishes from my classmates, but not sure of the date, and don’t care to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Amen! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure of the date either so I investigated. I was in Kindergarten and my mom is the least sentimental human being on earth so doesn’t keep track of anything (I love her though, don’t get me wrong!). Anyway, I knew I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, and it was during Halloween - I never got to wear my Cinderella costume :frowning: . She said she’s pretty sure it was a Monday because she remembers I got worse over the weekend, and she wanted to call the doctor first thing Monday. So I looked at the calendar for 1978, and that was October 23rd! Maybe it’s not the exact day, but based on what I know, I think that’s most likely the day. I’ve only celebrated for the last three years. I used to get really down in the dumps around Halloween, but eventually, I decided to make the best of it. I’m going to think about it even if I try to ignore it, so for me, this is making the best of an otherwise melancholy time for me. It helps me stay positive, and now I look forward to my celebration, whatever it ends up being - the last few years we went out for ice cream sundaes!! :slight_smile: … and last year, I even bolused for it correctly!

I’m surprised that 26% celebrate!! I have had diabetes for 17yrs since I was 16 and never once have I thought of it as time to celebrate.

I celebrate that I’m alive, and medicine and knowledge has advanced, celebrate being diagnosed no. I don’t even think about it, May comes and goes and I don’t remember that was my “anniversary” There are other happy occasions worthy of celebration.

I’m surprised people celebrate it, but even more surprised by the 15% who didnt, but think it’s a good idea.

I suppose one can look at the silver lining, and cite the benefits (eat healthier, become more responsible, more understanding and sympathetic for others, overcome a fear of needles, more opportunity for social networking, etc)., but overall, I still see diabetes as a dark cloud. It’s a condition I’d much prefer that I never had, coupled by the helpless feeling that I might pass this along to my child(ren).

I’ve lived with diabetes for nearly 80% of my life… I’ve learned to accept it. I’ve learned to overcome its obstacles (some of them). I’ve learned to be happy despite the burdens it places on me. But I don’t welcome it, I don’t appreciate it, and I certainly don’t celebrate it.