Do you do everything you normally would despite your BS at the time?

For instance if a friend calls you to meet somewhere for lunch or the movies and your sugar is 300 would you still go? If you get invited to a party or an event and your sugar is 300 would you still go? If your boyfriend or girlfriend is in the mood for some whoopie and your BS is 300 are you ready for action? Just wondering.

I try and not let my blood sugar problems prevent me from doing the things I want to do. If I have plans to go out, especially if it includes food I will usually check a ways ahead to see if I have any correcting to do. So if I'm going to lunch at 2, I will have checked after breakfast (see at 11) and done a correction if needed and then will check again by around 1. Even if I get caught unawares by a high I will just correct and go. If I'm low on the other hand I don't want to drive. So if one of those surprises me despite checking ahead of time I will correct and wait till I come up into the 70s. And if I need to call to say I'm going to be late, I'll do that.

I'm going to be teaching live again this fall, which is the first time since my diagnosis. I'm already planning how to do it because if I'm low I don't always make sense and Instructors need to make sense! But I'll just do a more intensive version of the above: Check an hour ahead to see if a problem is on the horizon and fix it. Check right before leaving.Since I don't want to be late, I might leave anyway if I'm in the 50s (I'm only 10 minuted drive away form the college). If I'm seriously low I'd have to call and say class was starting later, but I'll try to avoid that. Check on a break. And I plan on telling my students I'm a Type 1 and that if needed I will either pop a couple glucose tabs and keep going or call a break in the class.

It takes a lot of planning (and of course working on your food choices, and tweaking doses as needed) but with that in mind I will then go on and live my life.


Lows would keep me from doing stuff much more often than highs. if I'm at 300 and get invited to do something, I'll just take a big shot and go! It would probably go down faster since I'd actually be up and doing stuff instead of sitting in front of a computer.

Oh you mean typing doesn't count as

only if you're typing a school paper ^_^

I'd like to hear from the "I feel like total crap when my sugars are off" people not the diabetics that feel fine at 300. There is a huge difference. One day I will have total comfort and if that means death then so be it.

Gary, why do you even bother? You never listen to what anyone says unless they feel exactly like you and few people do. Some of us on this board come here not only to learn, and hopefully make changes based on what we learn, but to be positive and supportive of each other. I'm so optimistic I actually thought you might have been looking for some encouragement to live your life by this post. Silly me.

It's not that I don't fell like total crap when my sugars are 300 but I wouldn't pass on something if they did that. I guess I don't run up there very often either. When my pump failed last year, I was about 1/2 hour from home and bg got up to 280, I got home, mainlined a few units and it came back down before it hit 300. And then I roasted a pork shoulder w/ peppers and onions to make carnitas. I've had it run up before races too and I'll bolus, depending on time maybe 1/3-1/2 the normal amount and run. I've also bolused during races, again, I'll use the CGM for and the "Bolus Wizard" to calculate the amount for the level and cut it by about 2/3 if I'm doing somehing.


BTW - I did not see the part about "I'd like to hear from the "I feel like total crap when my sugars are off" people not the diabetics that feel fine at 300." part in the OP.

I don't feel fine at 300, but I can fix that and then go to the party, lunch, movie, or other stuff. Those are all better than death!

I don't fit into your category. I haven't been near 300 in ages because I test frequently and correct if needed. Yeah, I'd feel like crap at 300.

I am thankful most people are OK with gadgets and fake insulin to manage it which gives me a better chance to be one of the few diabetics to receive a functional transplant when one is ready for prime time. Just to be clear I do have some decent days here and there as far as my sugars but diabetes is always working against us all and I am way over tired of fighting back. The symptoms I get are just f***** horribly overwhelming and my life is ruined because of it. You can't understand unless you have the same symptoms and please don't insist there are ways to fix it because there aren't. I'm not that good and neither is anyone else to be able to keep their sugars running normal but once in while. My mom gets an earful from me and I have not many outlets to express my frustration so I do it here. And I have no shame saying Diabetes F***** sucks!

I don't think that you "fight back" if you don't do everything you can to beat it. I know there are people who do everything they can do who struggle too but, in your many threads, you mention eating cereal, not needing to test because you "know what your BG is", testing and finding 300s, taking N because it works "fine" and other things that are not in line with my experience because I've done all that stuff and realized that, in fact, it's easier to control diabetes if I pay attention to those things? If you don't want to, you certainly don't have to but it robs your arguments of credibility compared to someone who presents a log and numbers and says "help!".

My point is there is always a reason why the sugars go haywire and its just sucking the life right out me. Yeah we can keep making corrections to avoid fatality but aren't you sick and tired of going through it over and over and over and over again? I burn a ■■■■ load of calories at my job and sometimes I am headed into hypoglycemia up to three times a day while I am working... I can feel it dropping and just start shoveling candy down my throat while I am pulling orders. By the time I get home I feel like I have been run over by a truck. It's 95 degrees in there and I am working my ■■■ off. It's really amazing I even make it through the day.

I'm not sick of it because I only do it so I can do other stuff. I don't feel run over by a truck until I run 10+ miles. 6-7 miles is just getting warmed up. And my job is utterly crazy although confidentiality precludes discussing it here suffice it to say that Franz Kafka was a claims adjuster. And I have a 13 year old to feud with. Who likes "1D" eeeek!

its not that I dont feel like crap when i'm at 300, its just that I have many things going on in my life that make me feel worse

I have 2 parents constantly putting me in the middle of their arguments, constantly, every day. Compared to that, a 300 is only kinda annoying. At least I know that I can change that...

Your right. I don't want to test my sugar ten plus times a day and watch every crumb that goes in my mount. Its just not even close to having a normal existence. I honestly don't feel I am really running much worse then people that put out an all out effort. My A1c's have been fairly consistent of the last decade with and average of the low to mid 6's. I had a few in the 8's but I got back on track. The way I see it, its not like like math in that 2+2=4 but you slave over it and it still at any moment runs amuck. It's just not worth to me. Sometimes I'd honestly rather not know where my sugar is anyway because I end up dwelling on it if it was high. The only way to fight back and win will be a biological treatment. Nothing else has the ability to keep glucose running normal all the time.

Gary, every time you post your usual complaining post, you say you have an A1C in the 5's, which seems hard to believe for someone who eats whatever they want and doesn't "bother" checking their blood sugar. When someone comments you have 8.5 listed in your profile you say it is old, but never actually change it.

I just watched two pieces of Popeye's fried chicken go in my mouth, along w/ a biscuit and some rice & beans. I ran 4 miles today, still a bit creaky after Sunday's 1/2. We are having a "slumber" party (although they are watching "Joyful Noise" rather than a lurid RomCom so that is sort of a W I guess?) so I'm off to curl up with some tequilla and science fiction. That seems pretty much like a "win" to me. Maybe my standards are lower than yours and relaxing your standards might help? Although I've had an ok day so far, I am sort of too wiped out to stay up until 1:00 AM keeping an eye on the grease spike. Oh well, so far it's been an ok day? ![|615x368](upload://ywRQdc5KucZscyNtC6hgkMLCvgR.jpeg)