Do you ever feel like?

Tonight after reinserting my pump site, my CGM site, checking my BG about ten times today and getting my blood tested at the endo…a thought came to my head…I’m like a human bulletin board! I hate it! I guess it could be a lot worse; however, it just came to me… How many more holes can my body handle before an infection sets in? My finger tips are black-blue, I have two catheters in my abdomen…tubes…so attractive!

Again, I feel like a bulletin board. Anyone else feel this way. I just had to vent.

That's not a bad analogy, I gave my abdomen a rest for a couple of sets a week or so ago. I don't mind my fingers that much any more. They are pretty tough.

I know the feeling!
And how many times when you hear some "beep" "buzz" or "chime" do you start checking everything attached to you to see what alarm is going off!

I hate when you start talking to someone about diabetes who you know is smart ( like my lawyer cousin) and as you get into detail like" oh here’s the bolous button and look isn’t cool how the pump tells me how much insulin to take and bla bla bla and your all positive " and then this person just says uh huh uh huh and then changes the subject and you know that there thinking " thank god that’s not me" and that’s when I will question if it was worth even mentioning

My co-workers were asking me about my bolus wizard matter of fact, and when I was done explaining it she said "I could never do that, that sucks" Yep it does, to actually think about what you eat rather than just eating every time you get a craving.

It sucks being a human pin cushion, but the upside to it all is, now I eat so much better because I have to watch every carb. Plus and minus to everything I guess.

Yeah it sucks being a human pincushion sometimes, but the alternative sucks even more! Don't forget that just a few decades ago, all of us T1s would have been dead within a matter of months of being diagnosed. Yeah, I hate how my fingers are all calloused, but my dad (who also had T1) grew up in an era where he had his BG checked maybe once or twice a year at most! Whenever I get bummed about being attached something 24/7, I do my best to remind myself that this little box I have attached to me is what keeps me HEALTHY and ACTIVE. I am able to do so much that, without my pump, I'd have trouble doing. When I think about it that way, it doesn't seem like a bad trade-off.

And besides, I like how it makes me a little tougher than everyone else ;-)

I actually freak out a little in stores that have the cash registers that "beep." And, I worry about interrupted sleep for me and my husband from the CGM.

I worry that I will get to the point where there is no more real estate that absorbs insulin correctly. I am already have some issues, but not too bad yet.

Yeah, I actually think I'm healthier than most folks I know BECAUSE of D. It makes me so much more in tune with my body, what I eat, how I exercise, etc. I often find this aspect of living with D somewhat ironic.

Hi T1Forever. When the problem with real estate not absorbing gets bad enough, people take "pump vacations", for maybe a couple of months. While on MDI, you use different real estate from when using infusions, but still rotating. It works!

Sometimes I do.

When I feel like that, I think back to a visit to my great aunt back about 1969. In the medicine cabinet was a stainless steel syringe kind of like the ones you'd see in a 1930s vintage "Frankenstein" movie. Along with it was a sharpening stone. To take an insulin shot back then, she would sharpen the needle (whhich was a bit bigger than a standard IV needle today. Then she'd fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil on the stove. She'd put the syringe in it to sterilize it. Then she'd give her husband his shot.

Just the thought of that daily routine makes me so thankful for what we have now.

Not a bullentin board but I've always looked at myself as a human pin cushion.