The Annoyance List

All diabetics have annoyances with diabetes in general
mine being…
The bruises and scabs you get from needles and finger pricks
dropping my pump when its still attached
people thinking they know whats good for you better then what you do
getting weighed every 3 months
the discrimination

what are yours?

type 1 vs type 2 discussions that put people down!

Oh no, Danny It is the other way around because ummmmm well which one has it harder?..well, anyway you are wrong! Because you are type 1 and I am type 1 …well, wait that didnt make sense either! Oh, hell let’s just all drink Muscle MILK! lol :slight_smile:

PS: J/K for the record

what annoys me…
figuring out what to eat
food headaches
lantus shots in my thighs
getting to much sleep or not enough
having to eat my lunch, inject medicine, and check sugar in 15 min at work

My biggest annoyance at the momemt is when my meter gives me consistantly high readings which I don’t understand why and then I find out I either need a new battery or a new meter. (I’ve replaced the battery and now my readings are much closer to normal). I didn’t think I really was as high as 301.

-people telling me how to manage my diabetes.
-the fact that my body can take months to heal a little tiny cut
-i also hate when i inject in a PAINFUL spot! and when the lancet hurts like a mofo
-and i now have to go to the doctor more times in a year then i’ve been in my whole life.

oh and when i poke my finger, and its gusher and it squirts me in the face! ewww. has that happened to anyone else

knock it off you two. just compromise. how about type 1.5?

yes, on my shirt!

yeah that’s happened to me too!
not too fun.

Sorry, can’t drink it with you. Too many carbs for this girl.

forgetting to put tegaderm below my pump site and developing a massive rash :frowning:

Muscle Milk??? Must be something “only in America”. Orignally, I thought Yvonne was saying “alcohol” based drinks had too many carbs - and I was all set to say … wait - my Mojitos I make are only about 15g carbs (abit of sugar in the drink - but ohhh so good). Okay - now I’m wanting to go to the garden and pick some fresh spearmint .

My beef at the moment is when my pump battery says “change me” - and it’s not timed with when I have to do a infusion change. Luckily, I only have to change the battery every 4 months - so that’s not such a bad annoyance - but it can be - especially if it takes place during a cold day in winter - and no where to take cover as you expose flesh, etc.

yes!!! like Kerri on SixuntilMe, I like my bars on both sides to match, pump battery to match insulin in reservoir.

  • the finger sticks
  • carb counting while watching my bf chow down on X amount of food
  • the over worry from a lot of people
  • complete lack of consideration from others (like when i’m at work)
  • low blood sugars at inconvenient times (like driving or the middle of a yoga class)
  • random unexplainable highs (which have been happening recently)
  • and finally, writing down my sugars… i’m really terrible at this and have huge gaps in my logs (it’s on my meter but i don’t want to go back X amount of weeks and write them in)

Really? When I was using a pump, I had to change the battery about once a week.

Ouch - $17 each!!! I thought I got charged alot when I was in San Juan back in December - but it wasn’t quite that expensive. It was where the bar was situated that made it even better - along the ocean front - waves crashing - ohhh - to be there now … okay - I’m getting offline now - going to try making my Mojito with tonic water (unfortunately we don’t have diet here in Canada for some reason).

Anna (great name :wink: ) - it depends on what bells/whistles you have set up on the pump for alarming, etc. I have very few alarm settings on my Animas 2020 - just for when I have to check BG in 3 hours - and for other things like BATTERY CHANGE - FEED ME MORE INSULIN . I know when I had the MM Paradigm that thing seemed to wine and dine itself on batteries! Are you not on the pump anymore Anna? Taking a break? I keep on wanting to do that - but keep on chickening out - have become best friends with my Antonio Banderas (my pump name) .

carb counting
trying to find new infusion sites because I have overused my thighs
getting my tubing caught on a door knob
when I really want something to eat and there is not enough insulin in my pump to fully bolus it, so I have to refill the reservoir before having that snack
buttinskis – the people who think they know what I should do because the neighbor of their third cousin twice-removeds dog walker had diabetes and, you know, diabetes caused him to grow eyes on the back of his head and have many alien encounters before getting runover by a monkey on a tricycle (ok, I’m exagerating…a little bit).

I had a Medtronic Minimed and I had no alarm settings, except when it did a short beep with low insulin or low battery.

Anyway, I have a problem with high blood sugars (as in, I hate them and have panic attacks when I get them and I give myself way too much insulin). Last summer, I was hospitalized for a week because of it. While there, they took me off the pump and told me I should switch to lantus. It hasn’t really made any difference, but, since I never really saw any benefit to using the pump, I haven’t bothered getting back on it.