Do you have a good recipe for energy bars?

I´m planning to make my own energy bars mainly to use on the golf course. I plan to snack on every second tee and have yet to figure out what the fat/protein/carb should be in a balanced energy bar.

I would like to avoid dried fruit if possible.

Any good recipes out there?

Why do you need an energy bar every other tee? Are you carrying your clubs without a bag or something?

I have recipes for low carb bars, but they are not "energy" bars. Protein will last hours, hardly every other tee material.

I carry my bag on the golf course, but not sure if that was really what you asked me.

I plan to eat often to avoid an energy drop. I know from experience I never get time to eat properly during the four hours I walk, so this season I plan to have a bite or two of an energy bar of some sort at every second tee to get ahead of the energy drop. I think this could be just the right thing for me. I do low carb but not sure what these bars I plan to make should contain or consist of. Did this clear it up for you?

How about this one from MarksDailyApple?

Thanks, Brian. I would really like to see your your recipes for low carb bars too if you don´t mind sharing them?

I´ve gone back to MDI after 20 years on a pump and think it´s really difficult to figure the whole thing out. Throw that into the mix and I really, really need to avoid energy drops not caused by low BG.

With Lantus on board I think best thing is to have tiny snacks every second tee. If you have thoughts about this, please feel free to share them.

I am not sure what you mean by energy drops. Generally eating protein will give you energy for hours not just the few minutes between tees. I don't really eat low carb bars or snacks much anymore, so I don't have a big bag of recipes. I would be be happy to provide more pointers to recipes. But, I would encourage you to look at whether your energy is really failing because of not eating or whether something else is going on.

My guess is that your basal dose (Lantus) is far too high. I'm not convinced that energy bars are healthy.

By "energy drop" are you referring to a blood sugar event or some other sort of fatigue? I don't golf very often because my attention span fails 12-14 holes into it and I generally don't enjoy the last few holes very much. It's happened often enough that I remember it and don't push for golfing events these days. I've only played a couple of times since I started pumping (2008) and haven't attributed it to BG problems as much as just the sort of tedious nature of golf, which I know many people enjoy a great deal.

Re snacking, if there's a bg drop that needs adjustment, I think that you may be better off treating it with fast acting carbs. When you're golfing, if you're walking, you're lugging your clubs around and hiking around looking for balls, etc. and is plenty of exercise to push your BG down. In many cases, fat/ protein will push your BG up over a longer period of time than you would need for quick adjustments. One advantage of golf is that you can pack quite a range of supplies into your bag, not to mention the beer vendors on the course!!

Re bars, I like Kind brand bars. They have a walnut/macadamia/ protein barthat's tasty and filling and 13G of carbs

Sorry for late reply, Brian (bsc). My energy drops has nothing to do with blood sugar, I just get totally drained. Guess I´m just out of energy because I´ve used to much on the course both mentally and physically. My guess is I need more food and that I need to get a regular refill.

Thanks for your replye, Howie767. I have not yet played golf this season so I wouldn´t know if my basal is to high. I´m just trying to find a good approach to my golf before the season starts.

The energy bars I´m planning to make will be the best mix I can figure out regarding carbs, protein and fat, and a recipe that fits my needs.Hopefully.

Energy drop is a sort of fatigue not blood sugar drop and I think it´s due to golf beeing really exhausting both for the mind and the body. I will check out bars similar to the ones you mention, we don´t get that brand where I live. I live in Norway and I still haven´t seen any beer vendors on the courses here. I know they have them in other european countries, so we´re probably just too lutheran up here to drink beer while playing golf :)

Interesting that you mention that your attention span fails 12-14 holes into your game. This could maybe be the same as what I refer to as "energy drop". As far as I know from other posts you´ve written you´re in pretty good shape so it does tell something about the nature of golf when walking the course carrying your own bag.