Do you have any trouble with the infusion site?

When summer started, I found that I was changing my site everyday. Due to all the sweat on my body, it was erratiting the site, and falling out. I have used skin-prep, skin shield, and fake skin( I.V. dressings) and even duct tape! If anybody can help at all please do. Thank You.

No trouble with my sites. What set do you use? I bet Dave is going to recommend a SureT for you. Mine are SofSets for the MM Paradigm and they come with two different tapes. I only use one of them and it stays secure. The IV3000 tapes do tend to dissolve after a day or two in the warmer months or from sweating so I quit using them. I’ve no idea what the other tape is but it’s awesome!

the Silhouette Infusion Set for the minimed pump 722

I use Silhouettes or Quick-sets with Mastisol underneath and IV3000 below.

I use IV3000, then the set, with the mastisol on it, and if needed another IV3000

Due to being unemployed I’ve been rationing my infusion sets and thus have been pushing them 5 to 6 days before changing out. My endocrinologist is giving me insulin vials as needed but infusion sets are expensive. My only real problem is by day 5 infusions start becoming a uncomfortable. For several days after changing out there will be a knot under my skin.

Also, I have noticed that I am highly sensitive to ANY adhesive tape I use with my stuff. It burns, itches and the skin will actually become blood red. (exception being the adhesive on the actual infusion set. I use quik-sets with my minimed 723.

What’s even worse is that when I contacted Medtronic about any kind of patient assistant program the lady talked to me like I was some low life piece of ■■■■. I swear when I am insured again I am going to switch to a different brand of pump as quickly as humanly possible. Medtronic has lost my loyalty.

With my latest package of QuikSets - there was an insert about a new tape for Quicksets and Mio - from Smith and Nephew - you may want to check it out - I do not have a problem with the heat - but if I did - I would look into this.