Medtronic Infusion set adhesive-- I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but

I’ve been noticing that with the last two boxes of medtronic 722 infusion sets, the adhesive isn’t working as well. Traditionally, I was able to keep an infusion set on for 4 to 5 days; now I’m lucky to get 3 days. This has been consistent for the last 2 months.

Is medtronic messing with the adhesive to make more money? Am I imagining things? Who REALLY killed Kennedy?

Any similar experiences in the last few months.

I LOVE your post… I have experienced sooo many differences w/MMed in the past months…I use parad 522 w/silloutte onf sets. Have used a bandaid to keep tubing next to site from moving thinking that would help.I have had moisture show up in my site. I have had ALOT of trouble w/air bubbles when filling reservoirs. And the IV3000 I use for sensor cover is essay to tacky & doesn’t hold as well as the prior ones. I ordered tegaderm this week hoping it will work better. My main complaint is I can get NO help from CDE’s thru MM w/?'s I have had…been promised but no follow up. The 800 # reps are still good but the hold time has more than tripled. I am hoping we are just the minority here, but I am concerned

We do not use MM, but the members of another board that I frequent have been having several issues with the MM adhesives lately. You are not alone. Good luck.

And here I thought I was the only one having that problem with the adheseive! Thank you for posting this.

use tegaderm patches… i use the quickset with the tegaderm and its beautful… i also use it on my dexcom…

oh and arent you “supposed” to use the set for 3 days? lol not that getting more use out of it isnt benifical but i was just saying…

Are you using the IV Prep…I have not had any problems

IV prep is garbage… its as useful as a alcohol pad…

The same company that makes MM infusion sets also makes the sets for Animas. I use MM sets and have not had any issues at all with the adhesives. I wonder if the Animas users are having the same issues. I change every 2-3 days with no adhesive issues unless in the pool or ocean a lot in which case I use the IV3000 or Tegaderms to cover the site wih a hole cut out for the connection.

For me it is like night and day, The site adhesive will not stick to my skin for more that 48 hours if I use alcohol. So for me is works great. If I really want things to stick I add a coating of Mastisol on the skin before applying the adhesive.

You are right on point, MM does not make their infusion sets. There are only a few companies that make all infusion sets, MM, J&J and other pump manufacture.

I have been using Skin tac + Mastisol with my quick sets this summer - needed them superglued to me because I have been spending so much tiime at the water park. But what I have noticed is I have done a number of complete set changes - reservoir, tubing, infusion set - and will get a no delivery when priming. If I take the reservoir and plug it into the old tubing, works fine. So I “prime” the old tubing, pop in the new site, take off the new tubing that is bad, call Mini-med and complain, send it back in and get a replacement. Never had a problem before the “lot 8” recall.

Because I’m sensitive to the adhesive on the back of the Quicksets, I use tegaderm as a barrier, and then insert the site through the tegaderm, and I’ve had no problems with adhesion (although, now that I think about it, I’m probably using older sets because I’ve built up such a back-stock.)

At any rate, re the IV3000…I used to use those as barriers, but they stopped adhering well a couple of years ago. In fact, I recall that MM sent out a letter explaining that government rules were prohibiting certain ingredients from being used in adhesives, and warning us that there might be a change in effectiveness of some things. Even though they don’t make IV3000, they still sent the letter out. They were accurate as to the problem, and I ended up switching to the tegaderms because the IV3000’s were no longer sticking well.

The tegaderm patches are awesome…they stick so well that I sometimes have trouble getting them off!


Could it have to do with the seasons? You said it didn’t work well the last 2 months (summer) maybe when you are hotter then it loses its adhesive slightly more than before in the Spring or Winter. I don’t use those products at all but it was just a thought.

I have never attempted to get past 3 days, but now that you mention it in the past couple of weeks, for the first time in 5+ years I’ve had two sets fall off b/c the adhesive does not hold them in place any more.

Know what? It COULD be, were it not for the fact that we used to live in Central Florida, where the weather was naturally hot AND humid all the time. Still, I never saw happen what I saw in the past two weeks, where the adhesive simply seem to have vanished…

I’ve been pumping (MM522) for almost four years, and last week was the FIRST time I had a set simply peel off on its own, two days into my usual 3-1/2 day cycle.

Haven’t had any problems with infusions but again I don’t keep mine on for 4-5 days. I change every 2-3 days which is suggested. If I forget and keep set on for more then 3 days I get symptoms of body rejecting site.

I have had similar issues with the new quicksets. There seems to be a manufacturing issue that results in the needle in the infusion set not being log enough to get into the syringe and you can’t push insulin into the line. I have had maybe three of 40 with this issue. The I did send one back but there was no followup from MM. Give them a call and send it back next time it happens.