Do you have eye problems due to diabetes? Introduce yourself!


Sounds like it is time to retire, Misrobbie! I have, for the same reasons, (all eye related) and yes, I actually do miss the workplace, but I look at it as a GREAT THING! So many people just dream of an early retirement. and here we have the opportunity laid right at out feet! It is truly a wonderful experience! I suggest you go to my website, read my blog/book and call a good disability lawyer as soon as possible! Here is my link: I really am not trying to be "flip", but we CAN "flip" the situation for each of us!


Good Luck, and PEACE


Disability does not mean "give up". I was a paramedic/firefighter 15 years and retinopathy took me away from an occupation I both respected and loved. Now I work on build , fix and modify computers. Never give up, never surrender-Tim Allen.


I completely Agree! NEVER SURRENDER!


Vision loss in one eye is not the end of the world. I work in a bank as a member service representative and my vision is 20/150 in my left eye. Don’t give up :slight_smile:


I'm worried about my vision because I'm in my early 40's and I'm probably tooo YOUNG to be approve right away for disability/SSI so how do I feed myself when I can't get a job(state worker or librarian). Another problem because my PCIP health insurance doesn't cover my retinal detach surgery,I can't have the surgery. I would need $800 dollars up front to pay for this surgery which I don't have because I lost my job in May(fail job performance test due to my vision). I AM LOST RIGHT NOW. Both of my eyes are not in good shape but according to the SSDI/SSI vision rules, my vision is fine not legally blind. I filed SSI/SSDI in June so I have to wait and see if I get approved. sorry about the rant but I'm just upset


I agree with what everyone is saying per "loss of vision in one eye is NOT the end of the world." but, back when I was 43 years old, I had pretty much lost vision in one eye...and was having hemhoragges in the second, I loved my job as a Marketing VP (travelled worldwide, was paid nicely) and I was feeling like I could not go on calling into my office everytime my eye blew out, and I needed to go on disability. Fortunately, my doctor and the SS admin. both agreed! And truly, it was the best decision for me! Just need to make sure you have a good lawyer, and a cooperative eye doctor (mine was my Retinal surgeon). All in all, early 40's should NOT be a deterrent! Good Luck....Also, you should EXPECT to be rejected first time around...again, get a good lawyer! Binder & Binder was mine. And they were great! Dont lose hope, missrobbie. Stay strong!


It is not a rant but you bring up a good point. What do you do while you wait on the Government to make a decision concerning your welfare. Steve D is correct in that expect to be rejected a few times before they feel the implications of what you are going through.


Try your local and state agencies. Call your local social services office. Call your local Free Clinics.


Steve, my right eye has a retina detach but my other "good" left eye needs ALLOT of laser surgery. I can't depend on this left eye. Sad to say , my "good" eye was my right eye. About disability, I'm already prepared to be reject my first time . Right now , I don't know what to do because I can't afford anything right now. My insurance doesn't cover **** my eye surgeries, which I need.I'm waiting to be approve for Medicare .I just don't know what to do


I would recommend you take immediate ACTION. Give Binder & Binder a call and explain your predicament. I am sure they will offer a suggestion, (believe me they see the reward at the end of the tunnel)(I do not have anything to do with the firm, they just really did a good job for me) you can also solicit the help of your doc, if he is willing! Talk to as many people (potential allies) as got a tough situation and YOU DESERVE HELP!


My husband went through the same thing you’re going through. We put some things on credit cards. Is that an option for you? I don’t like doing that but if it means getting your eyes fixed then I say do it. He’s blind in his left eye now because of the detached retina and went through 5 surgeries on his right eye and he’s good to go now. Credit card debt is a terrible thing but when it comes to emergencies and there’s no where else to turn then do it. There has to be organizations that can help you. What state do you live in? If you have a lot of friends maybe set up a fund online ( Or just and people can share on FAcebook and help to get you your surgeries :slight_smile: Can’t hurt to ask!


Steve, I can't afford a lawyer. My health insurance (PCIP) put me in SERIUOS debt so I am my own lawyer. Michele0130,I'm the type of person who HATE credit cards unless debit credit cards. Getting a credit card, I will just get in MORE debt. Sorry everybody for my post but I'm really ■■■■ off with health field right now. I just don't know what to do right now about my retinal detachment.


Missrobbie - The great thing about Good Disability lawfirms is they look at your case, and if they do not feel you have a chance of winning, they tell you outright. If they feel you DO have a case, it costs you nothing as the firm gets paid when you receive your first social security payment. You really have NOTHING to lose to just call or visit their website. Good Lusk (although I dont think you need any "luck")


I just sent Binder and Binder information about the SSI case I filed in June via email. Oh well


Thats a start! Keep me posted! (I MEAN rhat, Please!)


missrobbie- Utilizing a lawyer will help you get the outcome a lot quicker. Would appreciate you keeping us up to date. I know what my personal outcome and time frame was. I,like you, was in a financial pickle and did not use a lawyer.


Steve,Tom and other. Thanks for the support but I not in the mood to be posting on this page for awhile.


I understand but if you need someone to talk to do not hesitate. I have ears and am willing to listen.


There is nothing worse than feeling helpless. I need eye surgery for a detach retina and multi laser surgery for my retinopathy in both eyes and because my sorry PCIP health insurance doesn't cover this surgery, I can't afford to get the surgery. I'm sitting here typing this post and I'm wondering, how long can my retina and my vision hold up. Every time I see flashes in my eyes, I'm scared. I'm over $5000 dollars in eye medical bill debt because of this sorry insurance not covering anything. I'm ■■■■ OFF and I feel helpless.