Do you have eye problems due to diabetes? Introduce yourself!


I know the feeling....and understand. Keep the faith, missrobbie! PEACE


My eye is bleeding again. My good eye. I'm waiting to go for an injection first thing tomorrow morning but in the mean time it's like torture. I have had tons of lasering, one vitrectomy but things just keep progressing. Anyone have any encouraging news?


oh Cinderfella, I'm so sorry, yes, like torture. do you have anyone there with you today? join us in the chat room if you feel like it.


Just take some time to read my book...wont take you long- I promise. It will make you feel better! PEACE and GOOD LUCK!!



I liken this situation to being Cinderella at the ball. While the Avastin is working, everything is wonderful. But as soon as it wears off, it's like the clock has struck twelve and I have turned into a pumpkin, or something. Steve D, what's your book and where can I read it?


Ciderfella - It is on my website which is at the bottom of my page. It'd be a priveledge to have you comment on my blog!


Steve D. I posted a question on your personal page. Would really appreciate you comments. Cinderfella


I just got a letter today from the social security office denying my SSI claim, I'm not disable enough. I'm trying to figure out what to do next? Does anybody have any advice on dealing with disability lawyers? I want to make sure I pick a good lawyer for an appea


Apologies to missrobbie. I am also suffering from retinopathy and I completely understand your frustration. These folks are just attempting to get rid of the folks that are questionable. Keep sending in the information for disability. It took me right at 2 years to gain my disability.


Cinderfella, I was so sorry to hear about your eyes hemorrhaging again. How are you, now? What is the latest update on your eyes? Sending you lots of love and hugs!


Missrobbie - It takes time....and as I'm sure you know the gov't is not working right now. I recommend Binder & Binder for legal work, Just breath in and breath out...then move on (as Jimmy Buffet says). Move on and god luck!


T1–my eye is better, thank you for asking. I had an Avastin shot on Sept 12th. It took about 10 days but the bleeding finally stopped. I’m left with a lot of blood in my eye, still. It takes a long time to dissolve away. Things ARE better, but, of course, we know it’s only a temporary fix.


Cinderfella, after having had an Avastin shot in both of my eyes some years ago, the blood did not dissolve in one eye even after a few months of waiting. Then I had vitrectomy in that eye, and after some months of recovering the result was really good. I really hope the best for you and that the treatments will help permanently - all of us dealing with eye problems!


Just found out I’m having a vitrectomy in three weeks to hopefully stop these eye bleeds once and for all. This will be my second eye surgery. I already had one on the other eye. I dread it but it needs to be done. I just want it to be over with.


Cinderfella, I'm so sorry you are going through this, but hopefully the vitrectomy will the answer.

I had Avastin injections in both eyes, which resulted in the complications of cataracts. I will see the retina surgeon tomorrow, I am hope for a good report. I'm still on the eye drops, without insurance the cost is bleeding me dry (pun intended).

Good luck, Cinderfell! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


1. I hope this is not a STUPID question but when would a person with retinopathy need vitrectomy surgery?
2. Has anybody had retinal tear and surgery to repair the eye?


yes Both of my retinas had tiny tears that bleed a few months after my cataract surgery. The repair was painless for me. They tacked the tear with laser. No problems since and it’s been over 2 years since it was done. How extensive is your tear missrobbie?


Linda...with it's small tears in the cornea. But I think the mending procedure is different.


Missrobbie. You would need a vitrectomy if you had excessive bleeding in your eye. The vitrectomy cleans the blood out and helps make the leaky blood vessels recede. It’s usually accompanied by some lasering.