Do you have gastroparesis? Introduce yourself here!


Yes, it does. Thank you Em!


Cool! I was trying to think of the other things I did to sort it out. The idea is, correct your sugar levels and it will start to get better. So I used to have my insulin after eating, not before. Then I didn’t go hypo. No cooked veges… I do have home made soup now and sometimes curry veg, but not loads. Just salads. I couldn’t eat cheese for ages… I’ve only just started eating that again - although cows doesn’t agree with me so I have goats. Cheese seemed to slow digestion right down. I was always ok with butter, so I ate that for fat. I still eat a lot but seem to be fine health wise. I used to chew gum after eating to get stomach moving and do stomach excercises. Nuts were also a no no and pnb still is… Puts bs levels up for ages - even a tsp. I can use ground almonds in baking now and put sliced almonds on things. I also cut out fizzy drinks, sweetners and I didn’t eat fruit anyway. I do now have berries, but have gone off fizzy drinks but may have sweetners again… Fancy some low carb cake!


Hi I don’t know if anyone still moderates this part of the site but I’m looking for information or anyone who has taken this step and how they feel now.

After years of battling nausea and vomiting 24 /7 (including in my dreams) and having it increase pretty steadily, I’m considering surgery. For some mean and unknown reason, I’m overweight (I really really don’t eat enough, the nearest we can figure is the GP has limited me so much my metabolism is shot) and looking to use a bariatric surgeon as they do so many procedures a week that they have the best experience. Having said this, I’m looking at either the sleeve or the bypass and not sure which one gives the best relief …any experience or help would be appreciated.

If I could change one thing in my life, just one thing (and I live with several chronic conditions, some that cause me pain) I would choose the nausea to go away…because we are by nature social creatures and as such our life includes food and being unable to tolerate most types of food…I understand this surgery will enable me to eat small amounts without the nausea, and pain…



I understand that the nausea can be bad. I’ve dealt with it since 2000.

I don’t know if surgery will help you or not. I know those surgeries can have bad side effects, so that would cause me pause in doing something like that on a stomach that is already having digestion issues. I’m not aware of any studies that show bariatric surgery will improve gastroparesis ( I’ve been to University hospitals all the way to Mayo Clinic in Rochester). I notice your profile doesn’t inidicate if you have diabetes or not - so if your GP is idiopathic in nature maybe there is something different there in the treatment options. Not sure.

What seemed to work for me is getting my A1C in the 5 range and trying to limit very high fluctuations in my BS. After several years that approach helped to relieve some of the symptoms.

Best of luck!


I read about the use of stomach pacemaker like treatment, I forgot the name. but it sends impulses to the stomach to contract etc.


Hi Jim,
wow, I give you credit …and thank you for your response.

.I’m Type 1 / LADA and will update my profile. I’ve had it (GP) for three years and it has gotten progressively worse. No medications have worked, I’ve even imported the Domperidone and while it helped for a bit, it quickly lost effectiveness

Multiple Dr. have indicated that Gastric By Pass will help. It seems rather severe, but even the Mayo clinic and Hopkins recommend this for folks who are as bad as I am. I am 24/7 with strong waves of nausea. I go to bed with it, I wake with it and nothing brings relief.

I have access to all of the clinical trial information (long story) and while there are things on the horizon, this is a rare disease with very little attention and most of the solutions are further ahead than my progression can hold out.
the Gastric Pacemaker was another option, but I have read that folks have had problems with it, shorting out and stop working…


I have it!! I’m 24, and was diagnosed a couple years ago. This last January I got the interra gastric pacemaker to help break down the foods… it’s been a big help. I’m 1 of only 1,500 in the world with it in my stomach. It took me forever but I’ve finally found what foods work and don’t work for me…


Hi. I also have gastroparesis from abdo surgery when i was a child. Have had it for a very long time but only officially diagnosed a few years ago (as no doctor could figure out what was wrong). I live in Aus so have no issues to access of Domperidone which i take every day as well as zofran for the nausea. Here my specialist does botox to the stomach sphincter in order to keep it open so the food can leak out. This and eliminating certain foods has helped allot! I have heard that the pacemakers work well too. My A1C has always been in the 6s but this has had little impact on my stomach function.
Best of luck with whatever you decide to do, life without the nauesa would be amazing!


I’m on domperidone too! I’m in the USA, but have an FDA waver and it ships to me from Canada! So sorry to hear you’ve had it for so long, I was misdiagnosed with A LOT before they finally got it right for me as well. Life without nausea truly would be amazing. I’m interested in hearing more about those botox shots…


My gastroenterologist does botox every 6-8 months under sedation - like if you would if you go for an endoscopy. Its $2000au every time but luckily i dont have to pay as i have health insurance. I live in Sydney and have to go to one of the major hospitals. Finding a specialist even in a big city was hard as there arent many who deal with gastroparesis here. I only heard about the pacemakers from people like yourself online. The botox, domperidone and changing my diet totally changed my life. I no longer wake up vomiting… (maybe once or twice a year now) and my bsl is better controlled as my stomach emptying isnt so random or delayed.


I just came home from The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn. Dr. Camilleri, gastro guy. Unbelievably helpful. All you need is a doc referral. Then Dr Camilleri accepts for acceptance or not. I hope the best for you.


I have had gastroparesis. Diagnosed when I had some evening lows and my usual piece of fruit did nothing, then the next morning the effect hit. I had the funky egg test where they scan and I am at 20% digestion. I am lucky, I can eat salads and a certain amount of fiber so my diet only really changed in amounts at a sitting and timing. I no longer can eat something to correct a low, need a juice on hand. My problems are with the accompanying acid reflux and they scope me regularly to watch for Barret’s Esophagus. If I start throwing up, I end up in the hospital so I work hard at keeping the stress down and eating 5 small meals a day. My Gastric Chick (nurse practitioner in the Gastric doctor’s office) is amazing, sympathetic, a great educator and well informed. Reglan didn’t agree with me so we sorted out what does and things are going well. Has anyone found themselves really sensitive to over heating? I have to really watch dehydration – reason for the last two hospital/ER visits. While its no fun, its something you can live with if you make the adjustments you need. And find your self a good doctor!!! I can’t say enough about that.

Be healthy! Be happy!