Do you have to do anything after you order and get the starter kit?

I'm going to talk to my rep Monday and get in on the tubeless greatness of the OmniPod! Am I required to go through training or something like that after that? My nurse once told me I'd have to have her show me what to do, but I'm pretty smart and tech savy, so with the help of some internet how-to guides, I'm sure I could figure it out. Or does the Omni Pod rep have to meet me and show me stuff? Share with me what you guys know. Thanks!

I don’t know for sure but a rep came to my house. Would they ever know if you didn’t get training? No. Would it matter? Almost certainly not. But if you want training I think they’ll just send a rep to your house or something! I’m sure someone with more recent experience will chime in.

In any case, I honestly think the stuff you can learn from this forum is more comprehensive and valuable than from just one rep.

Well, I'd say that you could probably pick up the mechanics of the pump without training. It's pretty easy to follow the manual.

It looks like you are currently on a MM? The new pod system will be sort of similar, but probably a little different (I think IOB is still not entirely the same? but don't quote me on that...). I would want to walk through with a trainer or rep or someone who could ensure that I set it up right the first time. I wouldn't want to put a pump on unless I was sure it was safe for me.

In your shoes, I'd wait for training. But once I had the box of pods and the pdm in my hand, I remember it feeling like waiting for Christmas in September :)

My dr's office sent an educator to my house, and she was very helpful. This was my first pump, so I needed the training. If you're not new to pumping, I would think you'd have less of a learning curve. The educator did give me some tips & tricks though, so if you don't get training, you may want to read up on other users' experiences. Good luck!

I wish I could tell you! But it was 3 years ago now and I really don't remember...