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This group is dedicated to all of the diabetics out there who share a love for cycling. All disciplines are welcome!

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They tried the same thing here in Chattanooga Tn. It didn’t workout so they dropped the idea.

Is part of the push from a bill like this to ultimately get more “rights” on the road as cyclists? That is, to be able to have steeper consequences for a motorist who injures a cyclist, have more rights on the road, etc.
I think it is a financial burden (of course) and anything government run is likely going to be a cluster (yay for taxes that get used super-inefficiently! :-/ ), but if it would be used as a platform for more education to motorists (and cyclists, alike) about more equal use of the road (that would result in a reduction in bicycle-related accidents on roads) then I might be more inclined to get behind a bill like this.
Otherwise, no, it’s a horrible plan.

The bill appears to be a standalone plan, and doesn’t call out anything more than just tracking who has a bike and how much they paid in sales tax for it.

We have a “mandatory” bike registration here. It only costs $0.50, but no one does it, and it’s never been enforced. The police were interested in it mostly to help get stolen or unattended-for-weeks bikes back to their owners, since they end up with about 100 bikes a year and auction the ones off that were never claimed.

I see these schemes on cycling blogs all the time. People who never bike get fed up with cyclists using the roads without paying road tax, and think that if we had registration and plates that we would be more accountable. What they forget is that nearly everyone biking also has a car and is already paying their portion with property taxes, which funds local roads significantly more than gas taxes. Gas taxes usually only go towards funding interstates, so charging a cyclist to fund an interstate seems like a really bad plan. Bikes also do close to zero damage, cause few accidents which are mostly very minor, and don’t deteriorate the roads.

So now every NJ resident cyclist will have to place license plates on their bikes now too. This is just utterly ridiculous.

@Mark, if this law passes, it is kids bikes too. My daughter has 2, a 12" and a 16". They would both need license plates.

it’s unenforceable and an additional burden on the already overloaded MVC. Like our helmet law, it is never enforced.

Oh that is what I want a goofy flapping plate on my bike. I do everything to reduce wind resistance and weight and they want a plate on my bike. I don’t thik so. Don’t they have better things to do than think up stupid ideas like this. Gee officer it must have blown off. I don’t know where it is. This is rediculous.

If licensing a bike for $5 or whatever will silence the bike-haters, who think cyclists are scofflaws and freeloaders (because they don’t understand how roads are funded) then I’m wiling to do it. I haven’t read the NJ law but it will probably be just a sticker on the seat tube. It’s stupid and couldn’t even fund the expense to run a bike-licensing program, but it’s symbolic and that counts for something with these car-driving fools.

Text below, sounds like a hard plate, similar to motorcycles. Nothing will silence the bike-haters.

  1. At the time of issuance of the registration of the bicycle, the chief administrator shall also issue to the registrant, at no additional cost, a bicycle license plate to be attached to the bicycle by the registrant. Each plate shall contain a clearly visible license number to be assigned by the chief administrator and shall bear the insignia “BICYCLE” in clear lettering. The license plate number shall be contained on the certificate of registration.

Will Vanity Plates be available? I cant imagine putting a hard plate on my road bike.

The truth comes out:

Newark assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker had originally indicated she wanted to put the $10 plates on bikes in part because senior citizens complained to her about bike-riding kids, some of whom would try to knock them down.


Does anyone know of a group or an event based in Ontario, Canada that involves cycling and diabetes? I can’t seem to find one as they are all in the US.

Hey Jeff, it was great to meet you this weekend! If you find any answers, let me know because I might be interested in joining in. I’m thinking of planning a bike tour of maybe 3-5 days in central NY (4hr drive from TO) and advertise to the CIM crowd, so I’ll definitely let you know about that when I have more plans down.

I did my first bunny hop today! take THAT gravity

Definitely keep me in the loop Andy. I wouldn’t mind touring a bit on the bike repping Connected in Motion with shirts and hats. Keep me posted my friend.

Hi All, joined on Friday and hoping to learn how you all handle marathon mountain biking. The longest I have done since diagnosys in December 2010 is 110km…and no I have no idea how far that is in miles.

any other JDRF riders?!

Finally it is a nice day to ride!!!

John it is always a nice day to ride…if you live in Port Elizabeth South Africa. We are heading into our winter now and we left at 5pm…short sleeves, and did a nice 42km in the most stunning conditions. If you look at my profile pic that was in the middle of winter and we rode like that for all 230km (through the night as well it was so warm. Happy riding.