Do you love to bicycle? Come say hi!

Hello I will be getting a continious Blood G Montor I do long distance cycling here in Montana just wondering about the device and where to put it? I have a !00 mile coming up in Spokane in 3 weeks. thanks

Which device? I assume it is not the minimed one, since that would just display on your pump, if you wear one. For the Dexcom or the navigator, maybe you could just get one of those universal smart phone holders. These two products seem to be fairly “universal” in size and have a clear front cover:

OH, or this similar product that is GPS/Smart Phone with a horizontal orientation:

Public News Bulletin: Suffolk County (NY) Sheriff’s office strongly enforces the Improper Hand Signals law. At least when it is targeted at them. Laws less enforced? Yielding Right Of Way, especially when it is their own carelessness. Oh well. The Law Won…

Is anyone participating in the Ride of Silence on Wednesday night in Los Angeles? The only one I could find was all the way in Thousand Oaks.

Hi co-road-cycle lovers. I am looking for others possibly interested in riding in the Kirkland/Kenmore area with me and my Seratta…Just did 7 hills of Kirkland-loved it. Keep in mind I just moved here form FLAT Chicago so the hills were, well lets just say I am not used to hills but getting there. Interested in seeing more of Washington and more routes/trails. I generally like to ride a few hours. If it helps I am pretty consistent at 14-16mph, paceline 16-20 (depending on physical and environmental conditions and whom I am riding with), and some days I just chill around 12-15. Pretty flexible really. Went out with the Bothel Ski and Bike group on a morning ride to Merimoor and I think in a pace line we averaged 18…just to give an idea…anyway, give me a shout…bike for the social, fun, great exercise, and ofcourse DM control… kjrider.

Hello from Montana, There is a great ride in Spokane called the 8 lakes Leg Aches Ride August 6th great time last year did the 75 mile I will be there, how about you?

Have not heard of this ride. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks. kj

Currently in training for this year's Ride to Cure in Death Valley. 105 miles through the most unique terrain in the USA. If anyone wants to join my team for training rides through October, please send me a note and I will add you to my list of riders. Your support is greatly appreciated as well. == Kim Adams

Hello! I’m headed out today to California for the start of the 3000 mile Race Across America today, joining the crew of a 4-person team. It’s a nonstop single stage race, that will go about 7 days straight to bike across the country. I’m not really sure what to expect will happen diabetes-wise, but I won’t be on a regular sleep schedule for the next week as we are constantly moving across the country driving 3 vehicles to support the racers. I’ll be blogging along the way, so follow in at

Andy, are you going with TT1? I had looked a few weeks ago and didn’t see it on their calendar. Not sure if they’ve become “too professional” now to do that ride. :wink:

I found that the Tour de Cure ride in Indianapolis was fantastic. I rode on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and got 20 laps which is 50 miles. i was riding with my son so the first 10 laps were at a slow pace but then I was able to grab on to the “peleton” of riders and was averaging 25 mph. I did have to check my BS every 3 or so laps and stop at the snack stands to keep them up. There sas a ride thru town but I stayed on the track this time and it was great.

KiwiRox - you’ll love the Death Valley ride. Remember to train in the heat to get your body used to those conditions - it’s toasty out there, even in October.

Thanks, Joe. This will actually be my 4th ride through Death Valley. I’m so excited to return there after going to other places with the JDRF Ride to Cure. THe first time I rode through DV it was 115 and they cut out the climb at the midway point. Second year it was 95, and then the last time I went it was 104.

Just finished reading Phil’s book, Not Dead Yet. Good job, Phil! Love the book, and it helps to read about another’s experiences with this disease. Had pre-ordered it on Amazon.

I am starting to look seriously to buy a new bike. I haven’t ridden in years. I have lost some weight recently and would like to get a road bike and join the Red Riders. I live in southern california. can anyone give me ideas on the best way to spend $300-400 on bike? new or used? and lastly, where is the best place to go to get a good, reliable bike so i can get started?

@Larry: Check with your local bike shops, try to avoid chains if you can. Local shops will be more likely to carry someone’s trade-ins. For $300-400, you can get a good used entry level Trek or Giant. Sometimes even Specialized or Cannondale. Keep an eye out on “Vintage” on CL usually means it was rusting away for a couple decades. Here is something to check out: A Bianchi Imola for $500 Never heard of Bianchi, but the components sound like a good entry-level quality, Shimano 105’s.

Thanks Mike! You even found me a bike! its pretty sweet too. its a little out of my range but i get your point. i’ll keep looking. i appreciate it.

If you decide to buy used, still take it to your local bikeshop for a professional fitting. I’m not sure what it costs, but around here it is under $100. I cannot stress to you enough how important that is. I am using my boyfriend’s mountain bike right now (I’m getting my fork rebuilt), and my shoulders are absolutely killing me because the stem is just a tad too long. One little adjustment can make such a huge difference - especially on long rides. Good luck on your search!

I agree with Dani go to a shop and get your dimensions. You can then take a tape measure with you when you go used bike shopping. You can probably work with a bike builder to help you.

Miketosh - a Bianchi is a great brand. much better than Trek, Giant, Specialized and Cannondale. They were the “Tour De Cure bike” in the 80’s when I started riding.