Reality Check

Hey Guys,

I’m looking for a reality check and advice. I’m signed up to ride America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride - 73 miles around lake Tahoe 2,600 ft elevation gain. I’m nervous because my riding partner dropped because she got the stomach flu.
The ride is very well supported, I carry lots of food, have a CGM, and wear med ID bracelet. But I’m a little scared to ride without a buddy that knows I’m diabetic.

Also the weather is suppose to be not so nice: 50% chance of rain showers in the morning and 50% chance of thunder storms in the afternoon. I’m thinking about throwing the towel in, but I also want to do the ride.

Opinions/advice is very much appreciated please!

Good for you for getting out there and riding. There will be lots of other riders out there, so hopefully you can get there a little early and mingle. Be sure that on your ride paperwork you list diabetes. Sounds like you have all the proper equipment, so if you do get into trouble, people will know what to do or know to call for help. SAG is on the ride, so don’t be afraid to flag them down. Be sure to test test test, because you may not feel a low come on due to adrenaline and your CGM may be behind the drop. I usually test just before coming up on a big, long climb and then when I reach the top. Remember that you’ll be having a tendency to go high after the ride and then crash as little as 2 hours later or as much as 24 hours later.

As far as the weather, hopefully you have a windbreaker or some other nylon cover to protect your tester, pump, and other supplies. if not, grab a plastic zip bag and put your stuff in there and then put that in your bags or jersey pocket. I personally don’t like to ride when it gets too crazy wet. I get nervous about braking. If you are on a wet downhill, just be careful about your speed, and don’t brake hard.

Most important: Have a great time! Enjoy the experience.

Hello Megan that is wonderful do the ride have some gels and fuel if you need them you will be safe, and you will meet people on the ride let them know that you are Diabetic be a insparation to them-
you go girl, have fun Bob.

You have med id, the ride sounds like it can handle diabetics well, and you sound like you’ve trained well. But only you will know your comfort level.

Unless you paid a ton of money for it, there is always next year…

Thank you for all the encouragement! It turns out one of the women I occasionally ride with is here with her husband. We’re going to meet up tomorrow and ride together. Suddenly I feel much better and more relaxed. And the forecast for tomorrow also improved!

Just wanted to give an update. I did the ride and it was amazing! I had received my dexcom the wednesday before the ride. I loved having it along with me. I had to put it in my pocket in a ziplock because it was raining for 2 hrs of the ride. Eventually I want to figure out how to mount it on my stem. Anyway, I want to thank you everyone for the advice. It feels great to accomplish these things and feel a sense of control with the D.

I say go for it. Sounds just like you have the usual last minute jitters. This is common with myself when doing something at my limits and in a different surrounding.