Do you low carb?

I'm trying to eat a lower carb diet. I think it might help with the insulin resistance. Before I started I had no idea what a carb was. I wouldn't have known one if it walked up and bit me.

Reducing carbs seems to have helped. I'm wondering what your experience has been with low carbing.

Gary S

If you can manage on less carbs without ill effects, then by all means, stick with it. You'll need less insulin, and have less issues with weight gain from the insulin. The insulin itself will work better because of the reduced carb load with each meal. If you can add in more exercise, you'll do even better, because exercise makes insulin more effective and uses up the sugar floating around in your bloodstream. The combination of reduced carbs and more exericse can really help cut your insulin needs down.

I knew all about carbs from the Atkins high protien low carb diet in the '70s. Unfortunately, that diet made me terribly ill and I had to go off it after only a few weeks.

Try to find the carb level that works for you, one that you can stick with.

Also, if you can make substitutions, (replacing a high carb food with one that's lower in carbs), it will help. So does using whole foods, instead of refined foods.