Do you low carb?

in a gladware container,put the sandwich fillings on top of lettuces, cucumbers, tomato, leftover cold green beans.
add cheeses, hard boiled eggs, herbs, pickle-y things. leftovers like chicken and salmon

I got a lot of ideas from an article in Aug 2008 Gourmet magazine called “picnic in a jar” - all of their recipies are on

most of the time I low carb but you want to hear something funny, before they told me eat more meat and less carbs now they say eat more carbs and stay away from meat.

My A1C bordered 6.5 - 6.8 for years and my doctor kept telling me to lose weight - right. Ok, this past January 59 1/2 yrs, annual physical it was 7.2. Now the doctor said you have Type 2 and you have a few choices. You can diet, exercise and lose weight or go on oral meds and hopefully avoid shots. I saw a dietician at the local hospital and got book from her that the Am Diabetes Assoc puts out and learned that 15 gr carbs = 1 Point and I could have 60 carbs or 4 points per meal and two snacks for 1 point each per day. That totaled 1500 calories a day and in 10 1/2 months I’ve lost 41 pounds and have an A1C of 5.1. I try to walk 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes but no physical exercise. It hasn’t been hard, just learned to read the packaging at the grocery and be more careful when ordering in restaurants.

It’s funny - I find I get slightly better control when I have higher carb meals. On 30g of carbs, my 2 hour posts will be around 87; today, for various reasons, mostly involving laziness, my meals were lower carb (15-20g) and my posts were in the 90s. Of course, I have another cold, so all bets are off, but still . . . .

Oh, and refined sugar is the worst - I almost always go down into the 70s 2 hours afterwards. Of course, this is sans short-acting insulin, and even mild exercise on even 3U of Lantus will also knock me low, but . . . .

wow, this discussion surely is an example of YDMV - “Your diabetes may vary”!

I am a proud low carber, lol. In three months’ time, I was able to bring my A1C down from 14.7 to 5.8 by adhering to 35 grams of carbs or less each day. I also do calorie and sugar restrictions, staying under 1400 calories and 25 grams sugar each day. I’m awaiting results from recent bloodwork to see if this low carb/low cal/high protein diet had any impact on my cholesterol levels - I’ll check back and give y’all the results once I find out. :wink:

I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic when I was placed into the ICU on October 30 of 2008. However, now I have my PCP and endo both questioning that diagnosis because my bg readings have improved so much, often being on the low side if I’m not careful. My PCP has talked with me about considering oral medication instead of (or possibly with) insulin; I have an appointment Thursday with him and will know more then. I had been able to lower my insulin dosages prior to taking statins to lower my cholesterol. (I tried three different brands.) The statins had a very negative impact on my bg - especially fasting, and I have been off them for almost two months now and am still trying to regain ground that I lost because they raised my bg readings so much. I haven’t lost any weight lately, but I don’t blame it on my diet, as several of the meds I am taking actually cause weight gain. Also, with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome, my exercise level has dropped immensely from when I was first diagnosed as a diabetic. I am hoping to resume exercise again soon, as I’ve started acupuncture for the fibro pain - it’s also worked to control my appetite.

Just for what it’s worth - Dr. B is a genius in my eyes. I’m grateful to have found his work and writings so early on in my diagnosis - and I’m also very grateful for a PCP that supports my decision to practice living life low carb. I’ve had many folks who have questioned my decision to go low carb, but honestly - I’ve had more who support (and practice) low carb. To me, it just makes better sense to lower carb intake and lower insulin requirements than to continue high carbs and have to raise insulin requirements because of them.

Since lunch is usually my most rushed meal of the day, I’ve found myself switching over to Dannon Light & Fit smoothies (80 cal, 3g carbs) and a Carb Master yogurt (Kroger’s brand - 60 cal, 4g carbs). Together, they have 18g protein and only 4g fat. It’s worked wonderfully for me and has become my “usual” lunch.

Hi There;

well all I can tell you about low carbing is that it definitely effects your sugar level . My diet is as follows :

Mornings :
Joghurt with a Coffee

Snack : maybe a fruit /juice/ nuts / or nothing

Lunch :
Vegetable Soup / Chicken broth in the cup

Snack : maybe a fruit / juice / nuts / or nothing

Dinner :
A large salad of my choice with green leaves / tomatoes etc…
Chicken Brest / Turkey Breast or Tuna
Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Steamed season vegetables with chicken breast

I consume approximately 100 -150 Carbs per day.
I dont know if there are people who consume less without feeling dizzy …?

I am also doing 1-2 hours gym ( 5-6 days per week )