New A1c

4.9 on 8/5/13

that's great
how did you do it?

Frigging amazing congrats

That sounds ridiculously low. Mine is 5.7 and I need to get it above 6 according to my doctor.

It's not too low for a type 2


Congrats on ypur A1C. Curious; how many highs and lows did you have during this period.

1% below 70, 1% above 140

Good for you. That is some really tight control. Do you eat low carb?

I limit my carbohydrates to 80 a day, and have for 6 years.

I just got my A1C done on Thursday and it was a 5.7 with to many lows. I still consider that a victory because I eat close to 300 carbs a day. I wish I could get myself to eat low carb but at this point and time I just don't have the willpower. I am inspired by your control.

that is awesome Lloyd!