Do you prime and fill cannula after you disconnect?

Do you prime and fill cannula after you disconnect?

Here is a question? After you disconnect a few minutes and have to reconnect and prime to do it your cannula is still full. Should you not wait until you change your site to do this? Would you not over fill the cannula? I start my insulin in my pump tomorrow. Right now I am running saline. I use so much insulin I will be changing cartridges every 24 hours until they get bigger ones for me so this will be good to know. I sure am glad I am not a pod user. I could not use a pod as much insulin as I use. LOL

Not when I suspend to disconect but definately when doing a site change and set replacement. If the set has been primed and the cannula filled once and you are temporarily disconnecting and using the same infusion set, repriming would be unnessessary and the cannula should already be filled.

If I have to change the tubing or re-prime I will NOT refill the cannula bc there is already the .7 insulin in the cannula and you could overdose on insulin. For Willow getting an extra .7 would be detrimental to her bgs. Her TDD is less than 6 on most days. We change her tubing and cartridge on a different day than her site. I generally change her site at night after she is asleep and then connect the new site with new tubing and insulin the next morning.

If we are only disconnecting say to upload data or with activity - I do not re-prime and have not had any problems. I sometimes reprime if I see a lot of bubbles in her tubing - and will always re-porime if I get a prime alarm - but only fill cannula for site changes.


I spoke to my trainer friday and she told my that I do not have to prime every time I disconnect. Only when I change the cartridge or the site. Priming gets the air out. I do not have to fill the cannula unless I change the site. So this works because this is what I have been doing since she told me Fri. and no probs at all. I called the hot line and they said this was all true and my clinical nurse agreed also.