Filling cannula on a silhoutte infusion set after being disconnected!

My son was just trained on his new Revel insulin pump by a wonderful trainer. As we were talking, she said that after he was disconnected for a while, he needed to fill his cannula again. I said I didn’t think that was right, but she said you had to fill it because the insulin leaks out while it is disconnected. I never knew that and he disconnects frequently during sports, swimming, bathing etc… No wonder he goes high so often. She said not to do it with the sure T (which my son just tested out and really likes) but with any of the soft cannulas. Has anyone else been told this… This was news to me and we have been pumping for 4.5 years ! ! ! ! I love having refreshers to give us new info that we didn’t get the first time.

I give a small bolus when I reconnect, but like JohnG said, this is to replace my basal (I think), not because of some insulin leak.

Even when I am highly active, I should not have zero basal, but this might vary from person to person.

I have never heard about insulin “leaking”.

Actually, I think she said that the insulin in the cannula is absorbed and then the cannula is empty . I should have read my post better. Sorry. nancy

I think she meant him to do a fixed prime after reconnecting. That is what I do.

I think you are correct but we have never done that in 4.5 years of pumping ! Do you only do it with the teflon infusion sets, not the metal like the sure T ?

Wow, I sure don’t. I disconnect while showering or swimming and sometimes while jogging and I get sweaty and don’t need it anyway - so up to 1.5 hr, and I’ve never done anything besides reconnect. I’ve been on a pump for 15 years and its never been a problem. Set 0.5u to make sure you see a drop before reconnect, maybe if you are worried.
I go high after exercise whether I disconnect or not, has nothing to do with leaking out of the cannula.

I can only speak from using quicksets which are the teflon type.

I called the Animas Technical people and asked about this as I’d never heard of it. They say reconnect and do a correction for lost basal but that once the cannula is filled, it is filled for duration. Reason for this is that while disconnected, nothing is pushing it into your body so insulin stays in the cannula. Just passing on the info from the people who are suppose to know.