Do You Remember?

Do you remember my story about the lady store keeper who was married at the time and had a little boy?

Then the little boy got diabetes type-1 and the husband refused to even help the lady with giving needles to the boy?
He simply told the wife that he would not like to be known as the father of a sickly boy! Needless to say that there was a huge argument between the two about this. The husband left her with the boy which made it very hard on the lady
to take care of the boys diabetes.
I did try to help in a way but the trouble was that she was running a store of imported foods etc. all by herself. She than had to hire help which made it a little better for her.
Now I hear that the husband is claiming half the value of the store for himself. It seems that her troubles will never end.
What should she do?


You mean, other than hope that he gets struck by lightning? Twice?

She needs to stiff arm him and she needs a lawyer so she can divorce the son of a b.

Legal services can sometimes help if she can’t pay up front.