TROUBLE in the department store

Trouble in the department store.

There we went to a large department store to shop for some things. But not for what happened next.
When taking a shirt to the cash register the lady said, “Did I see you in the newspaper? My husband has diabetes for some time, can you inform us how to go for the medal for long time having diabetes?” so I told her where to write to
But then a fellow behind us blurted out " Don’t you people make much of this sugar problem you have? Heck all you have to do is watch that you don’t use sugar in your coffee and you will be fine! How about cancer eh? Should you not be ashamed to make so much out of nothing?" He almost shouted this loudly and it was a kind of embarrasshing to run into this person. Rather than having an argument with the man we walked away shaking our head over so much stupidity. Do you feel that we did the right thing?


Yes, you did the right thing. If someone wants to know, I will take the time and explain stuff to them. When they are being jerks like that, they are obviously opinionated and all the explaining in the world won’t do any good.

You did the right thing, I don’t engage these type of people . . . it’s a losing proposition.

I would have told him that from his statements it is clear that he hasn’t got even the most fundamental understanding of what Diabetes is and that his knowledge is laughable. No, it’s not cancer – and we thank whatever higher power we may believe in that it’s not – but until he’s walked a mile in your shoes, he should probably at least do some reading. We all know that it’s not as easy as not taking sugar in your coffee. Pinch hitting for your pancreas is simply not that easy. What a complete idiot this guy is.

You’ve got more grace and tact than I ever will. I imagine I would have told him just what an idiot he is, and exactly where he can go. And I probably would have kicked him in the shin.

Yes I do. I have walked off from such ppl to keep them & me from aruging loud enough to make the ppl in the back hear us without speakers (yes I get loud to idiots like that) It also keeps my bp down.

Yes, we are very lucky that diabetes can be treated better than cancer.

But, thinking about it, diabetes is a severe, life-threatening disease. Without insulin injections, we would die. It’s as simple as that. And people did, before there was insulin that could be injected. In some places, they still do because they don’t have access to medication.
I’d never play cancer down! I’m just trying to say that you are bad off with diabetes as well, if you don’t “treat it constantly”, and sometimes that’s a real challenge.

It depends on the situation. I’d say, you did the right thing there. It is hard to argue in a store, and you shouldn’t purposely cause more trouble than necessary. In other situations, it may be worth it telling the other person that they obviously underestimate diabetes and maybe give their ides some corrections.

perhaps you are too harsh regarding the Idiot comment - there is a difference between being an idiot and being uneducated. Considering the press portrayal of diabetes, wy should he know anything about it unless he or a closs associate or loved onne is affected by D. I am sure that I would not be able to intelligently comment about a cancer patient; but generally if I know nil I try to avoid showing my ignorance - I said try I am not always successful in hiding my ignorance. He probably should of kept quiet and hid his ignorance. But of greater concern is the oh me oh my I have it worse than you attitude. Similiar debate between diabetes funding and HIV. People of all disabilities should stick together rather than try to gain sympathy because I got it worse than u!!!. I am thankful for every sunset and sunrise as a new day dawns. And whenever I feel sorry for myself, I think of so many that have it worse than I

Well I guess it depends on your tolerance at the time. I rarely turned down an opportunity to educate those I come across…It gets very frustrating when someone “knows” more about your situation than you do…lol…But I am quick to respond to someone like that by saying well thats a misconception, diabetes is much more broader than you think. I even go as far as showing off my insulin pen and explaining my routines. Most of the time those very same people have their mouth wide open by the end of my lesson, literally…lol…

Just the other day I went to the doc and the receptionist said oh I have diabetes too, you just need to lose some weight. I said no I have type 1…she said yeah just eat better. I said no, you have type 2 with type 1 losing weight will not make a difference. She admitted that she didnt even know what type she had. I had to show her my insulin pens before she got it in her head what I was saying, this all took 10 mins…And she was a diabetic working in a major hospital…ignorance is exhausting so if you were not in the mood to explain I totally understand…

I suspect that the man in the dept store probably had a relative with cancer, or even had it himself. He may have been wishing he could swap cancer for diabetes. In my old age, I try to remind myself that I do not know the other person’s life circumstances. They may be worse then mine! I think many of us are stressed with health problems and the poor services many have in our country. Anyway, it is no skin off my nose to let something like that slide. And I don’t think it would work to try to educate him “at that time” as he was not having a “teachable moment!” He was venting his frustration about something.

My mom would always tell me to “pick my battles wisely.” Some days it is enough just to battle diabetes and other days we can engage and educate others on our disease/lifestyle. This guy was not only ignorant, but lacking in compassion. Perhaps on the days where I feel particularly engaging, I would bluntly tell him it’s just not that simple and that he should put his time to better use by opening a book or searching the Internet rather than intruding on a conversation and abusing it with his ignorance. Then you can just tell him that he’ll have to excuse your outburst and that it must have been caused by all of the sugar you put in your coffee that morning. Nah! You did the right thing. :wink:

No right or wrong thing to do. I have to respond at ignorant & bad mannered statements directed right at me. He was obnoxious & rude to offer his loud two cents where it didn’t belong & I would have told him that.

You did Fine John. I may have said something like “Yes, another Person with Diabetes died today. You should be more respectful”. Or “Bite me.” Or just give him a dirty look and walk away. Depending what mood he put me in and how Big he was.

I would have edutained him.

You did the right thing but I would of told him off in a polite way and inform him of his lack of education.

Cancer is a mixed bag well some cancer’s do not get the attention the deserve other get way to much. I have a friend who just finished chemotherapy and when I rib him on his patchy hair regrowth he ike to point out in 5 years he is considered clean and I still will be taking shots.

I’ve had people say that to me and my son is only 4. One woman asked if I had fed him juice in his baby bottle!

It’s one thing to engage people who genuinely want to learn. It’s another to let know-nothing jerks vent their prejudices all over you. If they can’t be polite, there’s no reason you should let them spew venom at you. Although, if it had been me, I would have done a Miss Manners at him and explained to him just why I didn’t feel the need to listen to a rude, ignorant ■■■.

I like to thank all of you for your valuable advice. It is very much appreciated by Johanna and I.
It is of great help to us!


This reminds me of an unrelated story but it should be worth a smile for all. A lady is watching a man park in a handicapped spot, the man has handicapped tag hanging from mirror. She seems perterbed and waits behing his car for him to exit.
As he stands and starts to enter store she goes into a rant about misuse of the handicapped spot. He calmly explains that je just had hip replacement surgery and cannot walk very far. She appologizes and says but you did not look handicapped. He said no problem, its OK and by the way you don’t look STUPID!!!

Love it

Things are not always as they appear

True Dick, you can’t judge a book by its cover! A couple years ago I heard someone rant about a person applying for disability at the Social Security office – the rant was based on how they looked. I tried to explain that if someone saw me sitting in a chair with my walker around the corner people would think I looked healthy until they saw me get up and move around. When people see me with a walker, they automatically assume I had a knee replaced, When I did HBO, I stayed at a senior citizens place that was owned by the hospital. There was a woman there close to my age (I was about 45 at the time) that if you saw her walking around, you would not think anything was wrong with her. It would not take a 2 minute conversation to realize something was not right with her if you tried to talk to her – she had a very bad stroke.