Do you see a GP or a specialist?

Hi all, was curious if you see a general practitioner or a specialist (endo) for your Type 2 diabetes. I have a primary care doc, who I like for general stuff, but he didn’t do much for me in terms of managing my pregnancy with GD (Referred me out to a CDE for everything and didn’t monitor anything…the ob did) so I am not entirely sure I want him to manage the diabetes. What do you do?

i see a cardiologist, nephrologist, endocrinologist, and a general practitioner. the GP makes sure that the WHOLE me is being taken care of.

If the GP is not taking care of your diabetes, definitely get someone else. I have a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, a gastroenterologist a nephroolgist and a GP. The specailists all do their thing, but the endocrinologist that I saw was a total wash out for me. Most people who use one have good ones they can trust. My GP is absolutely wonderful with my diabetes. He is a fountain of information and support and is really up on everything. I definitely could not have gotten where I am without him. My son who has been a type 1 for many years has also been an excellent teacher. Get a doctor that you can work with and talk to. And do not be afraid of changing docs if it doesn’t work out with the first one you see. Whoever works best for you is the right way to go. And reading what all of us go through on here is also a tremendous comfort and encouragement. Welcome to our family.

GP here. This particular practice operates a diabetes center as well. I feel comfortable because this doctor will consult other specialists and give referrals quickly instead of “trying to figure it out.”

I see an internist, which works for me

I have used both. While using the GP things were ok. When I went on the pump he refered me to an internist found that I was missing a lot witht he GP.

Very interesting to see a wide range of responses. We are all unique! I think my plan is to go to my first visit with him next week, and see how he responds to my concerns about TTC and management. I did get an appt with the endo in the following week, too. If the GP really responds great, I may cancel it , but it somehow feels safer to stick with an endo knowing that if I am TTC I need to get my blood sugars under tight control and when/if I do get pregnant, I’ll need to go back on the pump nearly immediately, based on last PG.

GP for me, consultations are free with my HMO.

My GP does my diabetic care, I have tried 3 different endos and everyone of them treated me like I was an idiot, one even kicked me out of his practice for asking question. I do have a GI, Cardiologist, Gyno, Urologist, Neurologist, Podiatrist, Orthopedist, Hematologist, General Surgeon, and an Opthamologist. Now ask me how I keep all of them straight. LOL

I’m currently seeing my GP, and I’ve been pretty happy with him for all aspects of my care. I was only diagnosed with T2 very recently, so I don’t have much of an opinion on him vs. and endo, but I’m going to give him a shot. I’m very proactive personally, so that might make me more apt to go to an endo that might be more proactive and up-to-date on treatment, etc. but we’ll have to wait and see. I guess only time will tell.

Here in my country,it is GP who looks after type2 diabetic patients,he refers them to endo if pregnant or if they develop copmlications.But the care is not optimum with many GPs,They do not work with the required team the patient need and screening for early complications is delayed in some centers.

I see a GP for my diabetes, but I have an orthopedic surgeon, and a podiatrist as well. So far I have not had the complications of things like high blood pressure or heart problems,(although I expect them eventually both parents have them), I do have high cholesterol though. Damn Fried Foods that I used to love and now have to avoid!!But as for my diabetes I am so far comfortable with my GP for my Type 1, should I become dissatisfied then I will see about finding an endo guy.

I am seeing an internist who acts as my GP. Unfortunately, I have not found him to be even close to proactive. Therefore, I made an appointment with an andocrinologist at the end of September. Wish me luck!


I see my PCP for diabetes care. I’ve know him for many years and trust him completely. I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with full blown Type 2 diabetes and my latest A1c was 6.2 --so we must be doing something right!

I’m Type 1. I’ve been to two endos & couldn’t stand either of them. Both were arrogant & unsupportive. They are the only two in my immediate area. I love my internist. He’s encouraging, positive & supportive. He has a lot of diabetic patients. He even gave me is cell # so I can call him in emergencies.

I see an internist every 3 months - he does the AlC and other quarterly bloodwork. He admits that he has little skills in managing bg and pattern control, but I have had T1DM for 34 years so I think, for the most part, that I’ve cracked the code. He is a super nice guy and we communicate well.
My insurance will pay for an annual endocrinologist visit, and it’s just basically another review of my meds and bloodwork, etc. If I were a pumper, then they’d pay for 4 annual endo visits.
I also have a retina specialist and a psychiatrist and a therapist.

I have an internal medicine practitioner as my care provider. He has helped me get my a1c from 12.7 to 5.67 in less than a year. I go see him again in about 2 weeks. I know there is an endo in his office complex and hospital, so I trust that if I ever need to see an endo he will send me to one. That is something I do plan on asking him about, though, if I need to see an endo as well. Wasn’t that aware of an endo last year when I was diagnosed, might have needed to see one then, but he handled my treatment very aggressively, immediately putting me on humalog mix, and having me adjust my diet aggressively.

My GP was more agressive and up to date than my endo. So I stick with my GP.

I see a GP, nephrologist, vascular specialist, and an excellent ophthalmologist. My GP has a high percentage of diabetic patients, and I credit her with saving my life. She has prescribed pump therapy for me, but my c-peptide results were in the normal range. I was sooooo looking forward to better control and less complications. Medicare needs a serious enema!!

I have just started seeing an endo. He’s very bright and I feel like I am better off having him help manage my diabetes.