Do you struggle with depression? Introduce yourself here :)

any diabetics who also suffer from the terrible disease of depression…this is the place where we can all help each other!

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Dear friend,

Diwali is a festival of enjoyment, forgetting all the difficulties faced by us during the year and gives us an occasion to meet in families, relations and friends to enjoy the best, ofcourse, within our means.

I wish you the marvelous Diwali and this happiness to accompany you throughout the year.

Happiness generates energy, positiveness, it strengthens our thoughts and invigorates our energy to get over all the hurdles in a cheerful and winning manner.

Most of us exchange gifts on this occasion. Instead, I have opted to contribute my experience and share view-points with friends. Enclosed please find “Why to panic - Working Girls”. I hope it will interest you and your friends/relations around.


Doctor asked me lots of questions about being or feeling depressed I had to fill in a questionnaire and he asked me if I wanted to continue with the anti i depression pill citalopram and I said yes my moods have gone I no longer feel irritated and flustered so why would I not want to carry on taking them,I am concerned about the long term implications but at 63 it is a bit late in life to ask for the lifeboat

I had a bad depression the first half of this year, and as a result ate far too many carbs, and lost control of my diabetes. I ended up in a coma -- I didn't show up at a picnic I was supposed to go to, and my friends came looking for me. Good thing I keep my door unlocked, because when I didn't answer, they came in and found me trying to put my slippers on and not succeeding. I don't remember anything after hearing their voices calling me from outside. But they say they walked me to their car, and drove me to the emergency room. My BP was 73/52, and my kidneys had shut down. If they hadn't found me, I don't think I would have lasted till morning.

Of the two, diabetes and depression, I would say the depression is far more disabling. I'm on an anti-depressant, and not feeling depressed any more, and my body has come back to normal (it took 3 months!).

So the moral of the story is get help sooner rather than later -- it could cost you your life!

I have severe chronic depression. I have been reading through many of the comments, and they seem to all gravitate towards meds. Have any of you considered talk or group therapy? I know, it gets a bad rap, sitting (laying) on a couch and pouring our your soul...but in the time that I ave been seeing a therp, my moods, my attitude, even my ability to cope with my diabetes has been turned around 100%. Yea, I still take the meds, but they are at a low/medium dosage, and they WORK! They weren't working prior to talk therapy....I slept a lot, and I talked about "ending my life" a lot!....I'd highly recommend that, and a journal...journals can be the next best thing besides sitting next to a friend in a coffee shop....and they don't repeat what you've said.

One of the best things I learned in therapy was how to notice the way I'm talking to myself, and learn how to gently redirect my thoughts in directions that are healing for me. Just as an example, if I believe that the "only acceptable outcome" is one that may never be possible in my lifetime (a way to "get rid of" diabetes), then that really would be depressing. I have come to see things a little differently. Since I'm not likely to ever be cured of diabetes, I do my best to accept that fact for what it is, and look for other acceptable outcomes that ARE possible -- like living as well as I can, taking the best care of myself that I can, and making a point of looking for the good in my life, things I can be grateful for. These are all things anyone can learn to do. With depression though, sometimes it's very hard to do much of anything. That's where medication has been helpful for me. It gets my brain working well enough again that I can start using the skills I've learned in therapy. And using those skills helps the brain continue to heal. Depression for me has often felt like a downward spiral with no end in sight. Meds and therapy have helped me turn back toward an upward spiral. I hope others will find their own ways to heal. It is possible to feel better. Even if the cause can't be fixed, the symptoms can -- and for me right now, that is good enough. Better than good enough. It's actually pretty wonderful.

Carol, there are a lot of things in life which are depressing. Some things we can change, and some we can't. It's like the serenity prayer.

At this point, you can't change diabetes, even though we all wish we could. So you can choose to have negative thoughts about it, or you can choose to deal with it. Even when you're actually depressed for brain-disorder reasons.

You might need help to deal with it -- this could be a close friend or relative, or a psychologist.

I've been through a brain-induced depression which led me to a life-threatening diabetic coma. Believe me, it's NOT worth it. If I get depressed in the future (which is likely, because with me it's a chronic life-long condition), I'm going to be far more proactive in getting help and NOT let my diabetes slide. I'd REALLY rather not cope with it, but I have no choice, and I know it. If it takes having my friends and family call me to make sure I've taken my insulin, then I will ask them to do it. If it means having someone accompany me grocery shopping to make sure I don't buy a bunch of junk food, I'm going to do it.

I WILL NOT let depression kill me!


With a lot of passion and so much desire…
The sweetest, that I very much like,
The words I more eagerly enjoy,
The ones that come from your lips, my love

Wish you all the best of Health My FRIENDS

Life is a gift & a test

Sohair, I so agree with you! Sometimes the test is VERY hard, and we can't get through it alone. That's why I treasure my friends, my angels, my life-savers! And I love your art, too -- art, dance, music -- warm ways to deal with being human!

Yes Natalie,life is full of wonderful poeple,beautiful nature,delightful ways to help us pass the test and enjoy God's greatest gift: life.

Thanks my dear for being here for all of us.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

Life means missing one & facing unexpected one. When u r near, no one remembers u… But…when u r far no one forgets u. That’s Life

I gotta tell you, I HATE Christmas or maybe this time of year. Six years ago, I lost my best friend to cancer at this time of year, my mom. I miss her so much that even now, all I can do is cry. I am sincerely depressed and have severe chronic depression and work very hard not to ruin the holidays for everyone else. But I hate it. Have ‘d’ just makes it another thing that I have to deal with, which I do…but I don’t care. My oldest son and fiance "may be’ coming for Christmas, but I have to send my dh over 350 miles to pick them up, because they won’t take a plane to us…to small an airport. My youngest son…is choosing this time to move into his own place. Not in a mad way, but happily. But why now? It appears that NOTHING happy happens now. I thought that maybe helping others would snap me out of this mood, but it didn’t, I came home feeling hurt and sad for them…I have cleaned my house — my remedy for depression until there is a microrganism that would live here. I try, I’ve talked to my shrink, therp, doc, and I know everything they say is true. I take vit d, and it doesn’t seem to help the gray days. I am praying that the weather holds out, so I don’t have another set of funerals to go to when my dh goes to pick up the kids. I just can’t seem to bump out of it. I’ve had it…not going to do anything stupid, just cry…and wish I could see my mom one more time.

Cathy, I responded to you in another group. But now I want to add something. It's OK to miss your mom, and cry. I lost my best friend, Irene, a couple of years ago, and life hasn't been the same since. But I'm learning to make new friends, and while no one will ever replace Irene, there are still some lovely relationships to be had.

Also, you are so lucky to have a husband and children. I was married for only a short time (long enough to have a son), but since I got divorced, about 30 years ago, I have been alone, and now my son isn't speaking to me, and I don't know why, and my brother and his family are going away to spend the holidays with in-laws, so I am truly alone.

Are you on medication for your depression? It has helped me, at least to some extent.

Please enjoy your family, and remember that you are blessed, even though that is very difficult right now.

hey, I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. There’s a song by Anastasia with those words and I’m thinking it’s going to be my anthem for a while. It’s just such an epic getting through the day sometimes, I need some “feel good”.

Has anyone had success with Wellbutrin?

I posted this last month in the Victoza group but might be of more interest here.

Interesting developments on weight loss meds today (Dec. 9) with the FDA advisory panel voting thumbs up on Contrave. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a combo of an anti-depressant and an anti-addiction agent. Lots of other candidates have not made it this far this year.
Now waiting to see if FDA approves it for treating obesity.

My Christmas was okay, not spectacular, but my children and my husband were all here and we learned more about my new dil. That was a super thing. Not having another woman to share with, it was nice to have her here. This year two days after
Christmas, a dear friend passed away of cancer. It left another hole in my heart, but she would be the first person to tell me to move along, take care of me, and not give up. So I have taken her last words to me, and make that my resolution…to make everyday a healthy day, and jump for joy each morning I wake upl