Do you take Symlin? Introduce yourself here!

This group is a forum for Symlin (pramlintide acetate) users or people who would like more information on this new treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Symlin is a synthetic form of the human hormone amylin which is made by the beta cells.

Here are the results of a poll we ran on TuDiabetes asking members about their use of Symlin as part of their diabetes management.

I get really bad tummy aches when I go on it I have been on and off of it for almost 2 years and after a while I always feel like I am going to throw up if on it for too long my dose is very low any ideas why I keep getting sick from it?

I have had my Symlin pens with me for over a month now and have been postponing starting on it… I think after Christmas will be it! Wish me luck, guys!

Because it takes about 10 days to build up to a clinically significant dose, you might as well start now. I know i eat more and more poorly over the holidays. You might as well have the Symlin working for you during this time. I avoided any nausea by building up slowly. Now that I"m on 60 mcg/meal, I’m trying to figure out how to spred my bolus out in time for the best results. For me it works a bit different depending on the meal. FYI… I had no nausea building up. Just don’t take it and not eat. Good luck

I’ve seen my Endo since my last post. For me, Symlin at 60 mcg (the recommended dose for Type Is) isn’t sufficient to control my after breakfast BGs. I built up to 90 mcgs and my 2-hour post prandial BGs are around 130 with the same insulin dose. I’m going to try and build up to the recommned Type II does of 120mcg and see if i can reduce the insulin. So far, minimal adverse effects. It also turns out i was not a Type I, but rather a Type 1.5 (LADA) with pretty strong insulin resistance. Go figure. Everytime i think I’ve got this figured out, diabetes throws me a new curve ball. I’ll deal with it. It’s better than the alternative. Any one else had a similar experience with Symlin?

So I am now–or willbe at dinner time a symlin user–hopefully this will help my numbers!

so–first meal within symlin 2hours ago 1/2 my normal insulin --no spike yet…no nasea…so i’d say we are off to a good start…hopefully its not a false start…

so any of you symlin pros–do you only take 3 shots of symlin a day–or anytime you have 30 grams of carbo–example–I had a small peice of cake tonight for a special occasion–would you have taken symlin for that or only at meals?

Hi Denise and welcome,
I will be honest with you,it seems like that first 24 hours is a charm,and then the rocky seas set in. Luckily for some they never have a problem and the best of luck to you…and maybe you will be among them. The nausea then sets in on that second day. The first time I tried it,it was really bad and I had to quit. Then several weeks later I tried again and things were better. Now they are perfect! If you do have the nausea,expect about a week of it and every time you go up on your dose, then when you maintain,its a breeze,It has really worked for me. I only use it for the 3 main meals. at breakfast, lunch and dinner cause I know I will get at least 250 calories/ or 30 grams. Which is the reccommended. I would not take it with snacks,but then everyone is different. Good luck with this,its a great thing for many of us. Keep us posted on your progress!

so meal 4 on track with symlim–2 I needed to correct after 2 hours(but with MUCH less than I would have taken upfront) and 2 didn’t need any correction (both dinner–where my biggest prob was) Buttaking 1/2 the insulin upfront I was–I know it might not last pretty…but at least I ahve hope it will work to some extent

so onward we go

way to go denise,It has been great for me,sounds like u is gonna be okay too!

so far so good…another couple meals under the belt

yay denise!

hi Scott, Welcome!

been on symlin for a few weeks now… love it

titrated to 30 last night–so far so good–keepin fingers crossed

you go girl!

So I haven’t calculated yet when I need to go to 45-(daughter had almost 24 hours of hard labor bringing that Abby into this world–mother and daughter–dad too–doing good) but so far so good–missed a couple of doses and bg’s started rollercoastering (yeah I made that word up) almost immediately and settled down almost immediately after the next dose…so it helps me for whatever reason…

After I see if I can get up to the 60 I’ll see if i need more than half insulin at bk and dinner–lunch I may have to go down to less than half my pre-symlin amount…

so ven if I can’t get any further than the 30 (no reason to doubt it–I’ve just learned not to take things for granted) it will be helpful

Currently, I am taking Lantus? What are the benefits of Symlin over the other available insulins? Why was is it prescribed over the others? Thanks, Yvonne C.