Has anyone tried Symlin?

I’m just curious about it. What were people’s reactions to it. Was it worth the side effects? Or the copay?

I tried it twice, years ago. I found that within about 20 min of injection, I would feel suddenly full/somewhat nauseous (to the point where it could be very problematic if I hadn’t timed it well with my meal and still needed to eat more), and that feeling would persist for 3-4 hours, with a sudden drop-off that tended to leave me very hungry. It seemed to help my post-prandial blood sugars a little, but the bigger impact for me was on appetite, and while that potentially seemed useful, I wanted it to be a bit more gradual in both its onset and its duration (sort of like if Symlin is like Humalog, I’d prefer and might use a Regular version). As it was, I found it too frustrating to stick with and not worth the extra injection. It did convince me that amylin is a key part of the story that’s missing for T1s though, as someone with relatively weak satiation cues otherwise (which is why I tried it the second time, only to come to the same conclusion again). It seems like it could be useful for some folks though, depending on how much of the nausea response you have and how you tend to eat.

I am currently still taking symlin. At first the nausea was to much and I quit taking it. Then I just started looking for anything i could find on it and tried it again but used a different approach to taking it and finally got over the nausea. Now I can take it with no problems. The biggest issue I found was timing. Figuring out when to bolus after taking it. Once you figure that out you will be ok. It has helped me allot especially with break fast. One thing to note. When you first start taking you will have to watch for lows. They are horrible because it is hard to get them back up with this drug. So I have to say it has helped me.

I was on Symlin until a couple months ago. It worked but was extremely hard to calculate when to dose the insulin especially when dual waving. I found that by pre-bolusing I was able to get the same reduction in A1c and time under 200 and it saved me a couple hundred dollars in copay per 60 days. The nausea was not a concern once I got my dosage figured out. I did not lose any weight during the year that I was on it but I think that was because once I had the full filling I just kept on eating until my plate was clean…like my Mom taught me many moons ago. GOOD LUCK!




reduction in A1c

And what were the copays like? Comparable to insulin copays or worse? Of course this all depends on insurance, but I’m still curious. I’ve got an endo appt in December, and I’m tempted to ask about it to tackle my post-prandial issues, but not if it’s going to break the bank!

My copay is the same as my insulin