Do you take Victoza? Introduce yourself here!


Hi! I am new to Victoza. My endo just switched me to this from Januvia… I don’t need to lose weight though so I am a bit scared that I will lose too much (ok 5 pounds would be ok but I am already thin). She thinks I am MODY so she said Victoza worked well for MODY’s

But the nausea… omg!!! And the worst headache… Did anyone take anti-nausea meds and did it help?

I can grit my teeth through the nausea as long as I don’t throw up…


I would be interested in any studies or cases where GLP-1 drugs have worked for MODY. I have not heard of any.


$200 a month in the US it’s more like $500 a month?


I was wondering about the fatigue also. I’m on my 4th day of Victoza .06mg and I’m dog tired. Took a very long nap yesterday which is unlike me.