Victoza - anyone having side effects?

Hi - just joined and thanks so much for the great welcome.

I have been a Type 2 diabetic for over 10 years. After oral meds and insulin and considerable weight loss, I am controlling with diet and exercise. Last week, my doctor decided to try this med to reduce my A1C level and increase chance of weight loss.

The side effects started immediately. A little nausea, but I can deal with that. It’s the ‘loopy’ feeling that is driving me crazy. No energy, like in a fog, not sharp, can’t concentrate. Almost a ‘high’ feeling. It does reduce my appetite, but at what cost? Anyone experience this? Does it subside? Also, I’m experience hot flashes - yes, I’m in the throws of menopause, but it was being controlled with hormones. Are these two relative?

Thought I’d throw out these questions. Questioning whether to continue the shot or not. But for today, another dose.



Hi Judy,
Victoza side effects, like everything else, is different for everyone. I have been on Victoza for about a year now and no longer have any ‘horrible’ side effects. Although the beginning was a little tough. My loopy side effects lasted about 2 weeks for me, each time I dialed up the dose. There is a Victoza group on Tu that I would suggest you check out.

Thank you, Samantha…what’s the group?

You are very right Bruce. I think the doctor is trying to help me get rid of this extra weight and knows its the sugar levels that are keeping me from progress. As terrible as I feel at the moment, I’m not sure the pounds are worth it. My husband is definitely not liking the side effects because the change in me is too weird.

I’ve had a long battle with this sugar mess and I think the older I get, I understand that the battle will never end. However, taking care of myself requires sacrifices, so I will have to see what happens.


Judy, here’s a link to our Victoza Group

it’s a very active group here