Do you...?

alright people, just out of curiosity…


nope…hard to get controlsolution here–have to order by mail–very expensive that way…you’dthink insurance co when they send you 900 (more or less) strips at a time would include sucha thing! ha!

Guilty as charged here!

aha! lol.

ahhh no, have never run control in my 41 years of type 1, granted I have not even have a meter the whole time, but…never have

I don’t use control solution either…oops! I think out of the 4 years I’ve been diabetic I may have only used it once…hahha looks like I am not alone.

nah i just check to make sure i have the correct code on my strips and skip the control solution.

Haven’t used a control solution since I was diagnosed 18 years ago. I’ve always considered it a waste of a strip. gulp Guilty as charged, here.

I have a hard enough time staying IN control…

I’m also guilty of not using it. I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t use it.

Never - don’t wanna waste a whole strip.

Are you kidding? It’s a special occasion if I even change my lancet.

Control solution? Is that the sticky red stuff in the little vial that expires in like, a week? I thought that was pancake syrup for faeries.

Rarely use the stuff because:
a) It’s a waste of a strip.
b) It’s a pain to get the sample into the strip.
c) It makes a sticky mess all over the place.
d) It’s a gimmick to get more money out of me.

I throw my control solution away most of the time. I remember one year I had pink eye and I had the control solution by my bed and my eye drops for the pink eye by the bed and I woke up to do the drops and used the control solution. Wound up in the e.r. because no pharmacy knew what was in the control solution. Finally got a hold of the company and it is sugar water and red food coloring. They said they actually have had a lot of people who have mistaken it for eye drops.

LOL Cody… gives a whole new meaning to watery, red eyes…glad no harm was done from that!

I too am guilty of not wanting too waste a test strip.

I was never taught to use it, so I never have. And now that I know what it’s for, I honestly can’t bring myself to waste a test strip for it. I have a hard enough time keep enough around to last me until I can get more to go and waste it on something like that.

I’m with the majority here. Why waste a dollar??

For “control”, I measure my blood sugar when I get lab work done to see if they are in the same range and I sometimes measure with two different meters, again just checking for the right range.

I have about 20 bottles of control solution lying around (all expired, I think) if anyone is interested??

Thanks for the info Cody that it’s just red food coloring!!! Maybe I will use it to make some really red frosting :slight_smile: Yumm…

I have been testing my BS for twenty years, I think that I have done a control test about 4 times and mostly during that “I want to know how things work” phase

I never do either, unless I feel that my readings seem off. However I also tend to not keep a meter for all that long so maybe if I used the same meter for a few years I may be more inclined to run a control test.

Never once.