Doctor's Appointment Today

I saw my endo today and my A1C is still too low so I increased my target range hoping to avoid lows and that my A1C will go up a little bit.I thought the whole purpose of staying healthy is to accomplish an A1C under 7.0 to avoid any complications.I still have a clean bill of health.This is 27 years living with diabetes.I couldn't be more thankful..

I have been searching online for articles that claim a low A1C lines you up for cardiac problems and I so far haven't found any.As a matter of fact I found an article that said that the opposite was true.That the higher an A1C is the higher the risk of complications.I am a little bit confused.I have about 3 low blood sugars a week. Thankyou for your compliment.All my hard work is paying off.

That is great work. There is really compelling evidence that lowering your blood sugar (and your A1c) reduces the chance of heart disease. The DCCT study in the 1990s should have put all these questions to rest, but there are still deniers. The latest is the ACCORD study which found increased mortality in their intensive treatment arm. There was an immediate interpretation that it was low A1c that was the problem, but every examination of the study has refuted that claim. Despite that, we still hear about doctors that just don't understand. You may have run into one.

ps. If you have an A1c of 4.5%, then your doctor is actually right, your are running too low.

I don't recall him telling me what my current A1C is but he said it was lower than the last.

That's Awesome!