Diabetes at work

I am an Intern at a company called Stericycle(LOVE them)working with the IT Dept. (yes, I am a nerd). I always knew I wasn’t a morning person. For work I have to get up by 5am to be at work by 8am. Im like, whatever my body’ll get used to it. Guys, I dose off every day. It makes me so mad because I can get fired and Lord knows I don’t need that. Then it finally dawned on me. So I googled the correlation between being sleepy and having high blood sugars. Even more reason for me to get it together…

I need to survive in Corporate America! There is money to be made!

By the way, the cool thing about working with Stericycle is that they’re the ones who properly discard of syringes and other medical wastes.

Hello Vonnie,
I am new to diabetes but I struggle with falling asleep during the day which is very new to me. I have other medical problems besides the diabetes. The fatigue from the diabetes has been much harder for me to deal with even more so then the fatigue I get from my Rheumatoid Arthritis that I have had for 31 years. I have noticed that after I eat is when within about an hour I start to get very sleepy and I struggle to stay awake. Which is going to be a very big problem for me as well when classes start back up in August. I am a Web Technology student / Information Technology student at our local community college. I am hoping to find out ways to help reduce the sleepy affect that it has had on me. Hopefully we both kind get tips from other members on how to help deal with this issue.


Interesting. I am also majoring in IT. I look forward to reading more from others who suffer from these issues and have figured out ways to help. How long ago were you diagnosed with diabetes?

I am tired all of the time....even when my blood sugars are decent. My Dr said it was a vitamin D deficiency, I take supplements, and it does help somewhat... but I still need a nap in the afternoons!Or as soon as I get home from work, I debate daily on what I need most, sleep or food, the sleep always wins.

I have only recently been diagnosed with diabetes like a little over 10 days.