Does anyone out there from mass have blue cross and use a pump?


I was curious about what you have to go through to get an insulin pump with HMO blue cross new england insurance. Can anyone out there help me with this?

It is more about how much coverage your company has decided to get vs who the insurance company is. Make sure that your policy will cover an insulin pump.

Start with your endo and ask them to write a letter of necessity for the pump. Have your endo attach a copy of your glucose records. The more detailed the records are the better (glucose levels, how much insulin you injected, number of injections per day, what you ate, any and all complications you may have, etc., etc.).

Be well aware that the insurance company will probably turn you down the first time. But keep fighting. Do not give up. Do not allow the endo to give up on writing letters also. Have the endo write you a new letter each and every time you go see them. Have copies of new records in your hand so that they can go to the insurance company with the new letter.

If they keep turning you down go to the HR department at work. See if they have a copy of what is covered and is not covered under your insurance plan. My insurance company had a slip of the tongue and let it slip that they covered all diabetic supplies no matter what. It took a fight that lasted almost 2 years and it was worth the fight.

Thank you, I will check

It says on the website under my benefits that they cover it, so I am hoping I dont have too much trouble. My last insurance wouldnt cover the pump.

I would call the doctor and get it prescribed asap if your insurance covers it.