Does Diabetes and diabetes medication cause your immune system to get weaker?

Hi Everyone. I was looking through a variety of websites and stumbled upon HealthTap and found a question that still has a bit of controversy. Essentially, the doctor said that your immune system is "Sluggish" with high bp. ( I can say I am a bit confused how your immune system can be sluggish? Can someone clarify what that means?
Also, I was wondering what are people's thoughts on how to improve your immune system? Definitely I feel like diabetes has made me weaker in general.

Very high blood sugar definitely and clearly impairs the immune system (it reduces the rate at which macrophages are produced); blood sugar that is high but not really high seems to impair immune function although how is not clear. And neuropathy can further impair the immune system.

Most diabetics do not take drugs known to impair the immune system, but immunosuppressants are occasionally used to try to treat autoimmune diabetes at its onset, or with a transplant.

Hmm... The question mentioned Metformin but didn't explain whether the Met was effective in achieving control. The answer didn't mention the drug... just keep your numbers under control. I had so many infections last year when I was taking T2 drugs. I think the problem was that the drugs were causing my numbers to go high or perhaps I was overdosing on my own insulin? Anyway, I stopped the drugs (still take Met)...the numbers went down... the infections finally went away.

I feel best & don't get sick when I eat lots of fresh vegetables. I think that's the most effective immune booster. My grandmother used to tell us to get as many colors on our plate as possible.

I think my problems have been caused by an overactive immune system.

If only vegetables were easier to like! I guess we don't have a choice though

Sometimes if I feel a cold coming on, I'll run my BG down to the 40s, just wait to catch it, and have a couple of shots of vodka to create an unhealthy environment for the germs. I've taken maybe 2 sick days in the last 3 or 4 years? I eat lots of veggies too and I agree with Gerri that that has made a perceptible difference in how I feel in general.

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