Frustrated with Immune system issues

Hello Diabetic world

I hope all of you are doing well, as for me life is good things are oving along, but one transition I have encountered is me as a Diabetic, getting sick…

Ok I know that we have weakened immune systems, and to keep our hands washed constantly, and take vitimins, and eat healthy, and just normal protocol to avoid getting sick. I can’t remember a FLU season where I have gotten punished so badly. It seems like I get a Virus, and then a Bacteria, and then a new Virus on top of another, and it is likee yikes, this reallly sucks. Most recently my Dr. gave me a Midrol pack although causing slight elevations in my sugar did seem to help, but when it was done, guess what??? I got sick again, any suggestions , help advice would be appreciated, I mean I am not new to this I have been Diabetic for 27 years, just never remember getting hit this hard…



I’m sorry I have no words of advice to offer you, I 'm in the same boat as you I think, it has a hole and we are bailing out water.
I really appreciated your blog though, because I didn’t have the courage to day it, so thanks, .I hope the resposnses you get will help both of us,