Does diabetes cause a weaker immune system?

Since being diagnosed as type 1 like 6months ago I have had 3 colds. I usually average about one a year or so. Is it a coincidence or does Type 1 really weaken your immune system

Not coincidence. It does wreak havoc on the immune system, especially if you’re high a lot.

Rich, I don’t think it’s diabetes per se, as a disease, that causes a weaker immune system.
The first six-12 months after diagnosis your average blood glucose may be somewhat high, and your body has to get used to the hopefully lower numbers you’re on your way to attaining. the body takes awhile to settle. During this time you may be having spikes that you haven’t been able to get rid of, and you may be having lows, too, that generally cause instability of metabolic processes.
You’ll get back to your one a year or less, once you’re in excellent control, that is, not swinging, not above 140, not lower than 70.

Yes, wounds are slower to heal, more prone to infections, you often can have other auto immune stuff going on such as thyroid, celiac disease, and lymphoma.

Since it effects everyone different you may or may not have other problems. Myself I had years of major sinus infections. I still have them but not near as bad. You can get tested for how well your immune system is working by an immunologist too.

Best thing is to keep good control as mentioned.

I’ve always been a one-cold-a-year at the most person and always said I had a super immune system; and that hasn’tchanged. I don’t know the connection between having a super immune system and having two auto-immune diseases. Is there one, you scientifically minded Tu’s?

I’m fond of saying I rarely get sick, I just get conditions - type 1 diabetes, graves disease, GERD (or something similar), bad back, arrhythmia.