Does fish oil affect your BG?

I just read this in Gretchen Becker’s book, and am wondering if anyone has experienced this:

“For some time, people have been told that fish oil supplements (not the fish oils you get from eating fish) and niacin would increase BG levels in people with diabetes. More recent studies have reported that there is no significant effect on diabetic control.”

I’ve been taking fish oil supplements for about four months and have noticed my FBG has slowly risen an average of about 8-10 points during that time. I chalked it up to laziness with my diet, but looking back I haven’t actually been all that lazy (yay, me!).

Just wondering if maybe the fish oil might have something to do with it? I’m going to stop the supplements for awhile and see what happens.

What’s your experience?

Thanks for the info. I’ve been taking fish oil caps for a long time. Will have to experiment & see if I notice a difference.

Please let me know what you find.

I’ve been taking cod liver oil caps since I was 6 years old and I’ve never been aware of it raising my blood sugar.

My primary care “doctor” (he’s a nurse practitioner) told me last fall to lay off the fish oil. Lo and behold, my bg came down a little bit…

My internist told me to take fish oil caps for my heart & lipid profile. Confusing!

Interesting - thanks for all the input! I stopped taking it when I ran out last week & will check in after awhile to report what happens. So far in the last week I’ve had several days of FBG in the low to mid 90s, which was where I always seemed to be before I started taking it. I didn’t expect quitting the fish oil would have such an immediate effect but if it lasts I guess I’ll take that as my answer.

As for the Omega 3’s etc., I guess I can just eat more real fish, flaxseeds, etc. It’s so much nicer that way anyway – no more fish oil burps.

The improvement to my lipid profile out weighs the few points that it might raise in BG .For me it elavates my BG about 14 points.

Supplements do affect everyone differently. Nine years back when I had my heart issue. My Cardiologist explained that I should stay away from supplements and herbal medications. And, that I should stick to natural foods and eat healthy. Vitamin B and Muliti Vitamins also affect BG. CQ10 on the other hand has not.

Nope, I take 4 - 1200 mg caps a day to reduce inflammation. I have corrosive oste-oarthriitis. It has had no effect on my blood glucose levels. I’m a T2.

Try Carlson lemmon flavor omega 3 ;there’s no fish taste. Also it is purified of toxins that are found in fish.