How many of us use a supplement in one form or another

A recent New york times article on a Study that Found many Supplements Contain Contaminants. Had me wondering how many of use diabetics use supplements on a daily basis to help with our BG control and is the risk reward ratio altered after reading the finding of such studies?

Update: Tue 06/01/2010

It seems most of us do take supplements for diabetes related conditions but not one has said they take something to directly help control their BG’s I for one take chromium Picolinate which is supposed to help increase Insulin sensitivity so my question is anyone taking a supplement to directly aid in controlling their BG and could you share with us what it is?
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I take a multi-vitamin and some others that my endro recommends that I take … and it is a little scary that they might contain such contaminants (then again Canada vs US comes into effect here for how supplements are regulated), but it doesn’t change what I take (I only take those made here in Canada, can’t be made outside and imported aka bottle has to say “made in Canada”)

I take fiber pills and Fish oil pills to help with the triglicorides ( hope I spelt it right) They were high in the 300s. I dropped to 140 and i know that these had alot to do with it. when i stopped taking them they went up. So yes i will continue to take them. the high level was do to my diabetes. Funny my bad hdl was a good level already.

I personally take some omega three fish oil caps and also chromium Picolinate. Here in the US they have always been touted as herbal supplements and that the ingredients are natural but we all know from the Starcap mess that some of this supplements can even have ingredients that are not on the label and without FDA regulation and no industry self regulation, it can be quite scary sometimes, thus my risk verses rewards question

I take supplements in hopes they will affect my body functions and the diabetes. I don’t think supplements alone will suddenly “cure” or have a dramatically make me super healthy. Sometimes I feel I have to do something.

I have been taking fiber, iron, coconut oil, cinnamon, fish oil,papaya enzyme, DLA, a diabetic vitamin supplement packet, B-12 all at various times in addition to the diabetic meds and injectable.

In the article do they describe what is a “contaminant?” When you synthesize or harvest herbals and supplements it is normal to have a small percentages of “impurties” that go along with that product. Having worked in the testing part of a vitamin company, everything is tested including the purity and impurities. Very few things are 100% pure. I would be interested how they are getting there information to make this claim.

I would consider the defination of a contaminant and how normal it is before I get riled up.

I take flaxseed oil tablets; to aid with cholesterol levels; under the tongue B-12 drops, benfotiamine,;a b-vitamin supplement used in Germany and other European counttries to provide protective resistance to the effects of high blood glucose and, suppposedly, mediates/reverses all kinds of sensory nerve problems. I have better than normal cholesterol levels, and I have a slight decease in nerve pain in my back and in intermittemrnt foot tingling( from spinal stenosis and other factors, not from neuropathy due to diabetes, says my neurologist). So I do erlieve in taking supplements.

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I don’t take supplements to help with BG, I have them for other reasons like iron for anemia, calcium to help keep my bones strong, vitamin C for good teeth, and a multivitamin since I don’t eat enough vegetables and stuff.

i take handfuls of supplements a day…but, i always have and its not the diabetes that pushed me that way.

while i do worry about contaminants in the supps, i worry about contaminants in everything…so, im just careful. i mean, the news just reported BPA in cans. and frozen blueberries are poisonous.

you just need to pick and choose what youre comfortable with…and who to trust.

I guess the fear I have is that these supplements are always said to have a blend of natural ingredients but as with everything else leaving an industry without over sight and regulating itself will always lead to cutting corners and cheaters ala the Starcaps situation where those guys added some undisclosed ingredients. With that kind of environment, who knows what contaminants could be added and by contaminant I mean unnatural ingredients to increase the potency of said supplement.

I take enough supplements that at times I have a hard time getting them all down. Primarily:

8-10 fish oil gelcaps
8,000 IUs vit D
Mega Vit-b12
Zinc, Magnesium and Potassium
R-ala and Biotin
Flaxseed oil

I’ve tried others in the past with no long term success.

I just started taking something called irvingia. A caring friend that is into all the vitamin and suppliments said it will help me lose weight and control blood sugar.

I haven’t noticed anything. But I will give it a chance.

It says on the label that “individuals taking medications known to lower blood surgar should carefully monitor their blood sugar when taking this product”, which may be true or may be marketing, I don’t know.

If it helps I will let you all know.

Right now I take sublingual B-12 and D3. I also take a Probitoic - which seems to keep away any yeastie infections.

I also try to put ground flaxseed on my salad each day. I think the flaxseed helps with BG but I can’t really prove it.

none here…too poor to afford good health

grab a Monster Energy drink. Its got all that plus sugar and Gaurana lol (I hope you can tell im kidding BTW)

I would say that, in general, from what I am reading, suppliments and vitamins are probably not the most effective bang for a hard earned buck. They probably don’t hurt, they may help some, but the costs really do add up. Better probably to get the vitamins and nutrients from the diet, as hard as that is, its much cheaper.

I am a vegan so I get little B12 elsewhere and I DO notice a difference when I take it. It boosts my energy level. Plus being on Metformin, Metformin apparently deceases your B12 levels and a lot of people on here take it. Same goes with vitamin D - unless you are out in the sun a lot or live South - alot of diabetics are deficient in this esp. if you live in the North.

Iron is another one that is worth taking by supplement if you need it and if you get tested for it the iron pill will correct your level of anemia.

Yes, it is always better to get the vitamins from food but considering we diabetics can’t eat alot - that is sometimes hard and considering the crap alot of people eat that is totally devoid of vitamins at all (not me though!) - I think some people really need them. It is different for each person.

I try to get as many vitamins and minerals from food, but i also take Omega 3, B12 and D vitamins daily. I also do a fiber supplement every 2 or 3 days as needed. I eat a lot of vegies, but also high protein as i swim and run daily and need the calories and i just cant seem to eat enough fiber.

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I am doing the A-Z Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Calcium w/ D, and Cinnamon along with trying to maintain proper nutrition. My daily breakfast is the 2 net carb Atkins bars and Light & Fit Yogurt (Dannon) every day. I try to reduce carbs during meals and increase the veggies. When I have lean meats, I have them lean and try not to exceed 3-4 ounces. I am adding more baked/broiled fish to my diet. I’m learning the best nutrition plan for me is not to go without but to swap good stuff for bad and to use portion controls. I may eat 5-6 times a day but I keep calories, fat, carbs, protein, vitamins, sodium, etc in check. It’s working! I’ve lost 23 pounds and currently have a 6.4 a1c level. Supplements should be treated as supplements and not replacements. I’ve learned to eat to live instead of live to eat and I’ve learned that “if you can’t have the best of everything, make the best of everything that you have.”