Does hot humid weather = lower daily insulin reqirement?

Do you find that when you are in hot and humid weather all day (no indoor air conditioning at our house except in car/stores) you require much less insulin with your pump and/or experience more lows?

I have no idea since they keep the A/C in our office cranked. It feels good to walk out into a 95 degree parking lot and get into my steaming car. I have a wool sweater at my desk that I use daily as well.

I do not use pumps and I do not have air conditioning in my flat, but when I am hot I most definitely need less insulin than usual because of the heat. I can have hypos quite a lot quicker than I might usually. For me personally, they come on about 3 hours quicker than they would normally. I think it is because we use more energy to stay cool, and we tend to sweat more.

I need less insulin in hot weather (don’t have a pump).

Oddly enough I’v recently discovered this myself. Been temp basaling -30% at night or I go low too

I definitely require less insulin in hot weather. I think what happens is that the heat makes you absorb insulin faster and more efficiently, thereby requiring less overall insulin, regardless of whether you use a pump or MDI. I find that if I’m spending a lot of time outside in the heat, I can eat a snack sometimes without even bolusing, something I generally cannot do during cooler weather. Also, when I have traveled from cold to warm climates, the differenence is more dramatic. I also experience more lows. This year, riding Metro has been a bit rough because the AC is often not working. I have gone low on Metro several times now, especially when the cars are packed (which they have been lately). I actually decrease my basal rate now prior to getting on the Metro each evening, because I’m almost guaranteed to go low on the ride home.

According to my pump logs, about 20% less.

I have been fighting lows also. Lowered my overnight basals quite a bit. Still have some problems. Heat is weird with how it affects me, even if I am in the AC.

I am not using a pump but my insulin needs go down in the hot weather. I spend most of my day in AC, but just the little bit I am outside with the dog or go for the mail is enough to lower my rates.

I had to laugh at that because one of the guys I used to work with really had the AC in our office set low (if my boss wasn’t around). He pulled the blinds up in his office so the sun would come in & his office would be hot but the rest of us froze. I would go out and sit in my car a couple minutes just to get warm! I am usually the one that likes it cold.

I need to use less insulin. When I exercise outside in the summer, I drop more than in the spring or fall. I have more lows in general. If I eat at the beach, I have to subtract about .5 units from the usual amount I would use. When I went to Spain, I was walking alot and it was 37 degrees celsius most days, so I had to keep snacking to keep my BG up. Of course I could have lowered by basal, but where would the fun in that be?