Does Medicare pay for T Slim pump?

I am wanting one and I can't find out if Medicare will pay for it. Are there anyone here who know?

Hopefully someone else will be able to chime in with more certainty, but my first inclination is "no". Medicare still does not cover Omnipod and it's been around for nearly 5 years. I realize the T:slim is still a tubed pump, but my sense is that the government is going to say "no no no no no you can't make me" and it's going to drag its feet for as long as possible (it is extremely resistant to change!)...and since it currently has pumps that are "good enough" (the minimed and/or animas that are covered) it may be a while before the new kid on the block will receive coverage. But that's just my perspective.

I would call the customer support line # available here and talk directly to the company to see what kind of coverage is available.

Good luck in your search for some answers!

Just spoke with a representative. Medicare will cover the Tandem pump through contracts w Edgepark, Neighborhood Diabetes, Solara, Byrum, and Edwards so far. New distributors added daily.